Thursday Track Report: Back In The Swing

It was cool, cloudy, and quite breezy as Bob Jones, John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, John Sheakoski, Meira Minard, Lance Bland, Nick Downs, Ken Davis, Frank Zaffino, Marty Klanchar, Mark Lee, John Wilcock, Andy Arndt, Beth Herndon, Shawn Kelly, newcomers Rachel Tutmaher and Jeremy Zerbe, Paula Jech, Michael Goldfine, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

A few of the conquering heros from Monday's Boston Marathon showed up and limped around the track. The NVRC did quite well again, fielding 4 teams that ran competitively in the team categories, with 5 men breaking 3 hours (and one woman, sort of: Martha Nelson, an NVRC member, ran 2:55:22, but could not represent the NVRC at Boston because she is no longer local to our area). But Boston is already yesterday's mashed potatoes. We've got new challenges ahead. Arts Fest, mOUnTaiNBACK, and now Cheryl Capone's GENDER WAR!!! Cheryl is organizing a Girl vs Guy team competition at next month's Sidewinder 10K. Three of her team members were training already at the track today. Cheryl assumed the captain's role and "coached" from her couch at home.

Bwana gave a workout suitable for a windy day: 3X1K. That windy backstretch really took a lot out of the pace!

Several of the Boston crew weren't even up to limping to the track today. It's a good thing Tara didn't show. She'd've been a tumbleweed in the wind. George Lesieutre was back to his "Less Is More" regimen, which involves almost no track. And Greg Luna was back to his barley and grape training regimen.

Congrats to the Boston runners!

Thursday Track Report: Bwana Goes Easy

The sky was bluer than blue, and real Spring was in the air as a stripped down crew of Bob Jones, John Domico, Tom Cali, Jim Moore, Marty Klanchar, Tom Hilands, John Sheakoski, Mark Fedkin, Costas Maranas, George Lesieutre, Beth Herndon, Meira Minard, Paul Ruby, Mark Traband, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

It was quite a light turnout, about half of last week's. Bwana figures that the Boston crew is finally *really* tapering, and quite a few people will be running the Herbstritt 5K this evening. Bwana gave out a light workout, but Meira, in hot athletic contention (or was it Athletic-Hot?) for the NVRC Race Series Cup, begged him for more!

No demerits today. Even people who are neither running Boston nor tonight's 5K had some kind of good excuse. Ken Davis is having a hard recovery from a pulled calf muscle. And Esther Prins is having an even harder recovery from something a bit more strenuous. She showed up today outside Rec Hall with her darling daughter Lily, now 5 months old. Esther has been getting back to running and hopes to join us this Summer, though she is having a bit of a knee problem.

Thursday Track Report: La Vida Es Sueño

The threat of disheartening drabness hung in the air as John Domico, Tom Cali, Jim Myers, Lance Bland, Judd Michael, Greg Dillon, Ken Davis, Marty Klanchar, George Lesieutre, Nick Downs, Greg Luna, Meira Minard, Beth Herndon, Mark Fedkin, Tom Hilands, Michael Goldfine, Mark Lee, Paul Lammert, Shawn Kelly, John Wilcock, Jamie Volkert, Mike Casper, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. We had a "newbie" today, Meira Minard, who is no newcomer to the group, nor to running in general, but who has never deigned to appear at Thursday Track, made here first showing today.

Bwana doesn't deal with cold drabness very well, Especially when he's fighting a cold, feeling drab, and numb as well from a morning visit to the dentist! Wah, wah, wah... So it was the same thing all over again as last week: NX800. For Bwana, N was 3, but several others ran 4, 5, or 6.

We had a good turnout today, despite the cold and the blahs. But when you're in the dumps, sometimes dream or fantasy is better than reality. Tara Murray was blabbing it up on Facebook, telling everybody about what punk rocker she is most like. Dave Moore was daydreaming about being Derek Zoolander and modeling NVRC fashion apparel. Mark Traband was thumbing through Bullfinch's Mythology trying to figure out which Greek god he'd like to be. And Bob Cornwall was practicing in the shower and getting a tape ready for his American Idol audition.

Thursday Track Report: Reeling Spring Back In

Is Spring back? It sure looked like it, with sunny skies, mild breezes, and a warming sun as John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Jones, John Sheakoski, Greg Dillon, Lance Bland, Greg Luna, Ken Davis, Jim Moore, Costas Maranas, George Lesieutre, Marty Klanchar, Mark Lee, Nick Downs, Tara Murray, Meira Minard, Sherry Tirko, Jamie Volkert, John Wilcock, Frank Zaffino, Jerry Steffy, Bruce Einfalt, Dana Todd, newcomers Katie Davis, Paul Ruby, and Bob Lesher, Michael Goldfine, John Pringle, Mark Traband, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. (Paul Lammert caught the second shift.)

Bwana thought "Enough of the mild pace work. There are Spring 5Ks to be run and won!" So he dished out the outdoor version of one of our favorite indoor benchmark speed workouts: NX3X300. A nice challenge, especially with the stiff breeze on the backstretch.

Several of Bwana's flock were not up to any challenges. Though many of the Boston Marathon crew worked on their tapers at the track, Mark Fedkin decided to check out the campus scenery instead. Lee Culver thinks an hour on the elliptical watching rap videos beats a Spring day outside. Marv Hall's once-a-season at the track usually corresponds with the crappiest day of that season. And Ron Cunfer was holed up in his office pining away for Winter.

Thursday Track Report: Inexplicable!

It was an incomparably beautiful last day of Winter, mild, sunny, and breezy, and an inexplicably light turnout for such a nice day. Tom Cali, John Domico, Lance Bland, Marty Klanchar, Bob Cornwall, Greg Dillon, Nick Downs, Tom Hilands, Frank Zaffino, Greg Luna, Ron Cunfer, Jessica Charles, John Wilcock, Dana Todd, and Marty Mazur were all that came to the track. Could the light turnout have been due to  the start of March Madness? To the fact that Bwana hinted he might not be at the track today? To the fact that Lent, the season of repentance, hasn't kicked in yet for some of the more prodigal in Bwana's fold?

Some of the Penn State track team was gearing up for the Spring season, so Bwana sent his crew to the outer lane to do NX800. The not-too-stiff breeze on the back stretch made the workout not-so-tough.

John Sheakoski, "Bwana" of the sports pools at ARL, was enjoying a few beers watching the first few March Madness games. Sherry Tirko, who usually wins most of the money, was pre-spending her winnings at the same bar. Bwana assumes that everyone else who was missing today was drinking to Bwana's health on his birthday.