Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Penn State triathlon club, at University Park.

Vitruvian Running story and products on www.vitruvianrunning.com.  They say: While they may appear to be, these shoes are not "retro" or "old school", they are simply designed and engineered for performance without all of the marketing gimmicks.... Currently our shoes are sold through the website at the suggested retail price of $59.99. Club members can now get 25% off an already low price, which includes shipping¤! While going through the checkout process on the site, enter "club special" in the Promo Code window at the bottom of the order confirmation page and the price per pair will be updated to $44.99! (5/7/04)

CanuckRunner.com in Vancouver, British Columbia

Hashers' sites tend to be about what you'd expect -- not exactly bastions of sophistication and fine manners, but entertaining in their own way. The Nittany Valley Hash House Harriers have links to other Pennsylvania hashers.

The Roadtrip web-site offers the opportunity to form a league to track daily mileage in a 'virtual' way along a variety of city-to-city journeys. Log miles, view the progress of other runners in your league.

Runners' Gazette is America's oldest running newspaper; serves the Mid-Atlantic region; has a calendar.

NY Road Running Club and the RRCA have extensive links to races & clubs in the US and Canada.

www.runthisplanet.com  is an on-line directory of web sites for races and running clubs.

The Indiana Invaders (Bloomington) is an unusual club that supports post-collegiate, serious runners.

Runners' Circle can help arrange travel and find accomodations for out-of-town events like the Boston, NYC, or Honolulu marathons.

TFLinks links to various running and track-and-field online info clubs, schools, statistics, commercial sites¤ worldwide

Runner's World has a good site for parents & kids:  www.kidsrunning.com

Passport to Adventure.  "Destination runs" in assorted locales Alaska, Caribbean, Europe, Florida...¤ Marathon, 1/2-marathon, 10K, 5K packages.

Front Line Racing Team  Brings distance runners together to compete in team competitions. Specializes in marathon relays but will compete in other events where team scoring is a factor. The majority of  runners are from the metro Detroit area, but team includes runners from several states.  Runners of all ages and abilities are encouraged  to join in competitions.

BaySix for socks, caps, T-shirts....

Adventure races in Western Maryland running, biking, orienteering, canoeing...

High Speed Run (France)  -- News, tips, apartment swaps, and more.  Focus on events of international interest.

RunnerClick -- Big compednium of running equipment reviews.

Marathon-world.com covers marathon races, training, and injuries.

A great collection of articles from Frank Horwill, the coach who started the British Milers' Club in 1963.

Marathon-training.net: tips, programs, advice, readings.

myjjk.com - An online discussion forum for all things T&F (in other words, not just long-distance running)

www.Pattstrat.com - fabric/foam products for problems such as patellar tendonitis, ITBS, and plantar fasciitis

Sprintic - Information and discussion about sprinting events.

Return2Fitness - Running Injury Products - specialist sports medical and rehabilitation products including insoles, supports and braces, balance
boards and more.

Sportsinjuryclinic.net - a huge amount of information on sports injuries.

Haverford Dentistry: Running health and fitness for kids.

More about running for kids from Pritikin: https://www.pritikin.com/running-for-kids

Compression+Design: Reviews and information about compression gear, and other running, cycling, and yoga equipment.

Here is a site for informaiton abut triathlons for beginners: https://centralparkbikerental.nyc/rentals/a-beginners-guide-to-triathlons