Group Runs

The Nittany Valley Running Club has been holding Saturday morning group runs since the middle of July 2003. Lately, we've been getting ore or more options every weekend, and have a Sunday option fairly regularly. We even hold an evening group run now and then during the week. Keep an eye on the Group Runs page here on the NVRC web site, or join the Yahoo! Discussion Group NVRC to get the current week’s run plan. The group runs also appear on the main calendar.

There are often local races that many in the club participate in and there may not be an organized group run on those days. If there's not a scheduled run check out the race calendar.

Though the group runs attract a wide range of ability, they are not meant for novices. The group usually covers 6-12 miles at a 8-10 minute/mile pace, depending on the route, the conditions, and who comes. There is usually an option to go shorter, which some runners take, and an option for those who want a longer training run. The whole group is usually together for at least a few miles.

If you are a beginner, or are not up to the distance or pace of the group runs, check out the new NVRC Beginner Runs. And the Bellefonte Road Raiders also have frequent weekend group runs.

For a little more about the pace and mileage of the various group runs, see "Can I Keep Up With You?"

We are always looking for organizers for the runs. All it requires is for you to let us know so we can post the time, place, and a description of what you plan to do. Email Marty Mazur at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help!

Group Run Calendar
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Cherry Run Trail Run #2

June 20, 2015

It was a little like herding ducks to get everyone together for our second Cherry Run Trail run. It's a bit of a field trip (all the way out to Lamar!), and the weather of late has been "nice weather for ducks", but I had thought that the prospect of lunch at Elk Creek Cafe would have made this an automatic on people's schedule. Still, there was a lot of hemming and hawing and unresolved schedule conflicts. But by the time the run started, there were 7 runners that were there to do the whole loop, plus another runner who'd meet us at the end and another who'd meet us at Elk Creek. 

The Cherry Hill Trail is well described in my report of a family hike a few years back. It's a beautiful, mostly forested run. Rocky, but not too technical (i.e., nothing like Rothrock), with some modest climbing. The big thing is that the tail end of the trail can be muddy, and our recent rains made the last few miles the muddiest I've ever run through on that trail. Still, nobody's shoes were sucked off their feet by the mire.

Lunch at Elk Creek was excellent, as was to be expected. The beer was magically cold and delicious after the 10 mile run. Everyone said "We HAVE to do this again." Keep a lookout for a couple of dates, maybe in August and early autumn.

pix group cherry15 1 rhodo

A few of the runners who completed the Cherry Run Trail run

pix group cherry15 1 sox

Muddy feet and still allowed a seat at the Elk Creek Cafe

pix group cherry15 1 elk

Pilsners and Pale Ales are emminently guzzlable after a 10 mile run.

2014 Christmas Light-Seeing Run

This year's State College Christmas Lights-Seeing Run was done under much different circumstances than last year's. Instead of 5 inches of snow and a big crew, this year a pretty steady rain was falling and hampering turnout. Still, about a dozen people showed up at the Westside Stadium. The Toltens brought their young son Will, who really wanted to see the 12 Days of Christmas display a good mile away from Westside. So we knew we were going to run at least 2 miles. In the rain. And most of the assembled didn't want to miss a run by Bwana's house for cookies and bourbon. So we pulled our hoodies close and headed out. The rain was steady, but not torrential, so it wasn't too bad once the crew got going. The 12 Days did not disappoint. And since the rain wasn't too bad, the runners headed through Greentree (which, truth be told, has really crummy lights). Then off to Bwana's house. The cookie's were great, as was the bourbon. And this year, Dave DeGroote treated Bwana (and by extension, the group) to some Benedictine and Brandy, a real heartwarming experience. As the runners left Bwana's house, they noticed that the rain had stopped! Off to Westside Stadium for beer and pub food. This year, despite the low turnout, the group raised a nice chunk of change for the State College Food Bank.

Read more: 2014 Christmas Light-Seeing Run

2013 Christmas Light-Seeing Run

December 17, 2013

It's been a cold and snowy December so far. What does this portend? The last time we had a record cold December, it didn't snow at all after New Years! Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's still the Christmas season and a lot of our local neighbors are having a hard time making ends meet. This year, the Christmas Lights-Seeing Run everyone chipped in and raised a little money for the State College Food Bank. Almost $300, as a matter of fact!

The group met at the Westside Stadium and headed out on 4 mile run under a full moon through neighborhoods on the west side of town. We saw the nicely revived 12 Days of Christmas display on Sparks Avenue, ran through Greentree and parts of Stonebridge. Then the group stopped at Marty's house for cookies, spiced cider, and bourbon. From there it was a short trot back to the Westside Stadium, where all could refresh themselves with beer or another beverage (it was margarita night!) and some good pub grub.


Bellefonte Holiday Lights Run

December 19, 2013

We had a festive group of approx. 30 runners/walkers and 6 canines that traversed the streets of Bellefonte spreading good cheer! Afterward, we warmed up with some hot chocolate and cookies! The weather was perfect and nice change from last year’s torrential rain! We collected donations for Pets Come First so our furry friends can enjoy the holiday cheer as well! Thanks to all that came out! Hope to see you again next year! Talk is of going back to our original route to include Curtin and Linn Streets next year!
Merry Christmas and have a Happy Healthy New Year! Safe travels to those heading home outside Centre County!


2011 Christmas Light-Seeing Run

December 20, 2011

Last night, nearly 30 runners participated in the annual State College Christmas Light-Seeing Run. As we have the last couple of years, we met at the West Side Stadium on W. College Avenue. The group was a mix of newcomers and regulars, and included at least one visiting out-of-towner. We did a variation of our yearly tour of the west side of town, heading first to the 12 Nights of Christmas display on Sparks St. We also checked out a high wattage display on Wheatfield Dr. Then, it was off to Stonebridge, where the displays tend to be a bit more subdued and tasteful. No 12 foot inflatable Santas or lights that require a separate trunk line from Allegheny Power. Tom Cali's townhouse was quite tastefully done in subdued white mini-lights, as would be expected from a subdued, white mini-Real Estate guy who knows a thing or two about curb appeal. Most homes used the mini-lights, though some were colored and some went so far as to toss them high into rafters and trees.

Heading back toward the West Side Stadium, the group made one more stop, at Marty's house. Vicky served up cookies, punch, and the keys to Marty's liquor cabinet. A bottle of bourbon later, the runners staggered back to the West Side Stadium for some pub food and beer. Another successful Christmas Light-Seeing Run was done. To keep things fresh, we'll scout out a new place for next year's run. Park Forest? Otto's is right there after the run!

Here's where we went on this year's run:

A tastefully decorated house in Greentree


The group made it safely to Marty's house.


Nothing better than cookies, punch, and bourbon in the middle of a run!