Thursday Track Report: From The Metro

It was dark and drab, like the black slacks and turtleneck of an urban metrosexual. Appropriate for the mood as the crew of Tom Cali, Jim Myers, Jim Moore, Lance Bland, Bob Cornwall, Greg Dillon, George Lesieutre, John Sheakoski, Frank Zaffino, Tara Murray, Kirk Rager, Jim Laudermilch, Dave DeGroote, Dana Todd, and Marty Mazur gathered to bid farewell to Jamie Volkert.  After changing from his metro-retro duds and leaving his man-purse at the gym, Jamie trotted down to meet the rest of the crew.

Jamie got to pick the workout, which was the same as the first one he ever did with the group: partnered 800s where the two runners are together for 400 of each 800, one starting and the other finishing his respective run. Tara Murray was out in the far lane completing her Richmond Marathon training by doing 3X2 miles.

Well, it was man-hugs around as we saw Jamie off. And not a few gal hugs, too, as Kathy Koetje-Simin showed up for the love-fest. Jamie promises to take us clothes shopping, or down to one of the hip micro-brew pubs, if we come to visit him in his new Georgetown digs. And maybe he'll be able to get Dave Matthews tickets. He promises to get back for some Penn State games, too.

Thursday Track Report: Get Your Groove On

It was what may be the last of the nearly week-long line of warm days. At the very least, John Domico, Bob Cornwall, Costas Maranas, Meira Minard, Michael Goldfine, Frank Zaffino, Lee Culver, Ron Cunfer, Mark Lee, John Wilcock, Jeremy Zerbe, and Marty Mazur headed to the track. (Bwana does not have the full count because he did his workout early and only saw the rest of the group as a blur on his way back to Rec Hall.

Bwana, as mentioned above, went early along with Lee Culver and Ron Cunfer. Bwana's been away from the track for three weeks due to work, and some of that time was spent in "the field" keeping long hours and eating bad (or sometimes too much good) food. There's a lot more of Bwana and he's a little more out of shape. So Bwana really needed the workout. Bwana got his groove on and wore a deep groove into Lane 2 as he did 2X1000. Ron and Lee did 3X. The rest of the crew? I trust they had enough of a workout climbing out of that deep groove in lane 2.

Who wasn't there? I'm not sure of who-all. But I didn't see Tara in the blur-crowd. She's the one who is setting PRs in 5Ks, but Bwana is convinced she can go sub-20. With a little more track work. And besides, the "Hill Queen" would have enjoyed the climb out of Lane 2...

Thursday Track Report: Balls To The Wall

It was drab and gray as John Domico, Tom Cali, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Bob Cornwall, Marty Klanchar, Ken Davis, Jim Moore, Costas Maranas, Tom Hilands, Jamie Volkert, Dada Todd, Lee Culver, Michael Goldfine, Ron Cunfer, Jonathan Thurley, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. But even grayer news awaited them when they got to the track. No pink! No fluff! Oh, Jamie had worn one of his pink metrosexual ties to work, but that was back in the locker room. And Michael G. had worn his sequined dashiki, but it was hanging in his locker. No, what I mean was there were no girls. They'd all deserted us!

Well, we made the best of it. We spat without looking where. We scratched ourselves more. We made crude jokes. Domico flexed his scalp muscles. And we ran hard. I mean we really pounded it. The crew wasn't nuts about the workout, Bwana, who is boning up for his dives into the valleys of Legs 2 and 9, had everyone do some long, slow repeats. Then it was balls to wall back to Rec Hall for some towel slapping and fart jokes.

I guess I'll just list all the females who weren't here. Oh, some of them had excuses, I guess. Ann is getting her knee caps beautified. Miera was exfoliating her heels. Cheryl was trying on her new bionic leg. Tara was dressed in a trench coat putting 3 roses and a half-drunk bottle of cognac on the grave of Edgar Allan Poe. And LDC was trying on a new muumuu. But by and large, they were not the excuses guys would feel comfortable giving. Even sensitive guys.

Oh: And just in case you think the title is inapprop:

Thursday Track Report: Advice On Bananas

It was cloudy, cool, and breezy, just call it autumnal, as John Domico, Bob Jones, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, Jim Moore, Marty Klanchar, Greg Dillon, Costas Maranas, John Sheakoski, Frank Zaffino, George Lesieutre, Dana Todd, Kirk Rager, Michael Goldfine, John Ake, Jim Laudermilch, Esther Prins, Meira Minard, Paula Jech, Jonathan Thurley, and Marty Mazur headed for the last track workout before the mOUnTaiNBACK.

Almost everyone who showed up was a mOUnTaiNBACKer. Bwana went easy on the crew. 1X-something long and slow. For some, that meant jogging around the track once, really slow. Others did 2X880 or 1X1 Mile. Mostly done at conversational pace. A good pace to catch up on news. Like how's Esther's baby daughter Lily doing? How's Tracy's back? What's Frank's plan to carry off the Full 50? How's Tom J and the theorem proving racket?

We'll have time for more of this socializing on Saturday. Except the mood will be a little less collegial. The knives will be out! Emotions will be high! Except Bwana's. He has it all figured out, including the eventual winner. (Why do we even bother running the race?) Who is Bwana choosing? Well, he won't say. Except here's some advice for Martha's team: If you want some bananas after the race, buy them *really* green on Saturday morning. Otherwise, you'll be swatting fruit flies long before you finish!

Thursday Track Report: Your Name Assignments

It was drab and cool as Jim "Mr. Intensity" Myers, John "The Dome" Domico, Tom "Cali" Cali, Lance "Band of the" Bland, Judd "Middle Name" Michael, Jim "The Slow Moore" Moore, Bob "Sanbagger" Cornwall, John "The Commish" Sheakoski, Tim "Katie" Aydin, Adam "Wealth" Smith, Jamie "Wet T-Shirt" Volkert, Paula "The Czech" Jech, newcomer Kathy "LDC" Koetje-Simin, Rob "Maple Leaf" Shaver, Kevin "The Other Bald Guy" Becker, Rich "Intensity-Squared" Harter, Dana "The Sub" Todd, Kirk "Comma Captain James T" Rager, Jim "Bisquits" Laudermilch, John "Why Does It" Ake, and Marty "Bwana" Mazur. found their way to the track.

Bwana got to the track early because somebody who is actually a Rec Hall Regular (basketball player) and should know better scheduled a 1 PM meeting. By the time everyone else arrived, Bwana had done 200s and 400s beyond counting. To help everyone catch up, he assigned an easy downward ladder: 2X800-2X400-2X200.

After years of consideration, Bwana has finally assigned nicknames. He is very pleased with his choices and is sure you will be, too. The names assigned to the "less than regular" will be revealed in time. Bwana is very pleased with these choices as well, though he is not so sure the recipients will be. Bwana will next work on the Thursday Track uniforms for the men. He has already put LDC in charge of the women's outfits.