The Nittany Valley Running Club collects used running shoes to donate to the More Foundation.  Some local races will have a collection box... check the email discussion group for updates, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to drop them off any time. 

Shoes should be "gently used" - shoes you've retired because you have "too many miles" on them are fine, even if the tread is worn.  Those you've been using to garden and cut the grass with for a year, or done a few mud runs in, maybe not.  Here's what the foundation says: "Please send only gently used athletic shoes (running and soccer) in adult sizes 6 – 12.  Please do Not send dress shoes, single shoes, or damaged shoes - heavily stained or with holes/rips."

Here's some more info from the foundation:

We are asking for used athletic shoes to fight poverty, hunger, and global warming

This is accomplished by educating small farmers in the use of the MORE Farming System. This is the entire focus of MORE Foundation Group, a Not-for-profit Foundation registered in Delaware. We are 100% funded from the sale of ‘gently used athletic shoes’. Of the one billion pair of shoes placed in landfills each year we only need a few hundred thousand of those to reach a tipping point. Villagers seek opportunities to prosper, conserve natural habitat and regenerate regions that have been severely damaged. The highly qualified management of MORE Foundation in developing countries teaches small farmers and villages how to create Modular Organic Regenerative Environment’s (MORE).

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With each 600 pair of shoes the adopted family will receive 12 months of hands-on MORE training. After MORE training is complete the family receives the tools, seeds, trees, and livestock to increase productivity as much as 1000%. MORE Foundation teaches the integrated MORE Farming System as well as small farm business management, rainforest resource conservation, capacity analysis, marketing research, profit center modeling, tribal community development, microfinance lending. As well as training in Co-op set up; how to form a village credit union with self-capitalized expansion. We also provide free medical assistance for the families protecting them from Malaria and other infectious diseases.