No Entry Fee!        Ribbons to all Runners!

The Centre Region Youth Cross-Country Program

The Nittany Valley Running Club, Centre Region Park and Recreation, and the State College Area School District  are sponsors for cross-country races for Centre Region youth, ages 14 and under. The program began in Fall 1999, and  we've had more than 100 kids participating each year. Participation is free!

The Centre Region Youth X-C schedule typically permits two to four meets a year on the new State College High School XC course in Circleville Park on Saturday mornings in September or October. This Fall, our schedule has three meets:

Saturday, September 13th
Saturday, September 20th
Saturday, October 4th

The new State College High School course is at Circleville Park, 3225 Circleville Road, Patton Township. Signup will be on the morning of each race; Parent/Guardian signature required! Please save us some time at the registration desk by filling out out this release form, which once submitted is good for all races in this year's series.


Ribbons are given to all runners, and the emphasis is on participation and fun.  All children are welcome (whether or not you live in the Centre Region), and there is no fee to participate. 

X-C run distances and age groups are based on National AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) standards.

As of the last meet of the season, if you are: Your X-C age group is: X-C Distance

Start Time

8 years old or younger Primary 2K
(1.2 miles)

8:30 AM

9 or 10 years old Bantam 3K
(1.8 miles)

9:00 AM

11 or 12 years old Midget 3K
(1.8 miles)


13 or 14 years old Youth 4K
(2.4 miles)

 9:30 AM

Note: A mix of running/jogging/walking is certainly o.k.  We have had children much younger than 8 years old participate,  along with a parent or older sibling.  It's all about exposure to X-C, having fun, and talking pride in a solid accomplishment!


Map of the Circleville Park Courses


Questions?  Contact -

  • Greg Fredericks (814) 466-6976    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Liz Kisenwether  (814) 571-3487   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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