Thursday Track Report: Alien Visitors

Weather. WEA-ther. Coooold. John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, Costas Maranas, Jim Moore, Judd Michael, Michael Goldfine, Marty Klanchar, Meira Minard, Esther Prins, Martijn Westhoff, Mark Traband, Lee Culver, John Wilcock, Andy Arndt, John Ake, Jim Laudermilch, Mark Lee,  Jerry Steffy, Ann Marie Oldani, Janet Jonson, Jessica Wekke, and Marty Mazur.  Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip. Umm-hmmm. Yip.

Oooohhh. Bwana. Bwaaaaana.  Oh? OOOOh! Ohhhhhhhh! REEE-lays. Ooooohhhh. Yip yip yip. Cali. Conf-YOOO-zing. Yip. Ummmm-hmmm. Yip yip yip yip.

Cheryl Capone. Whu? Whu? Book. Book. Nope. Nope nope nope. Amy Blake. Whu? Whu? Uh-uh. Nope nope nope. Greg Dillon. Oh? WooOOookie. Ooohhhhhhh. Uh-uh. Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope.

Thursday Track Report: Among The Glitterati

Since the last track workout, Old Man Winter took a double dose of Viagra and hit us twice with snow, cold, and wind. It was windy, but sunny as Tom Cali, Greg Luna, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Bob Cornwall, Tom Hilands, Marty Klanchar, Mark Fedkin, John Sheakoski, Meira Minard, Jeff Smucker, Jerry Steffy, Dana Todd, newcomers Kim Nelson and Martijn Westhoff, Lee Culver, Kirk Rager, John Wilcock, Libby Covelli, Mark Traband, and Marty Mazur headed for the track for CVIM/NVRC Marathon Team* media day. Team Coordinator John Domico was there to field questions from the Press Corps, as were Honorary Coaches Joe and Sue Paterno. Several NVRC Marathon Team participants, including Pam Scott, Tara "Twinkle Toes" Murray, Tim Spigelmyer, George Lesieutre and Paula Jech, were there to share the limelight but not to take on the track workout afterward.

After the hoopla was over, Bwana got the crew working. The workout du jour was a downward ladder: 5-4-3-2 laps where the pace per lap increases at each step down the ladder. Jeff Smucker somehow got the message about increasing the pace late. He started the first one at a maniac pace, then when appraised of the mandate, proceeded to dial it up to maniac+.

With all the reporters, lights and glitter at the track today, it was hard for Bwana to figure out who was there and who wasn't. He knows Dave DeGroote bailed, but Dave (who said he'd "had enough speed work for a while") had just run a PR in last Friday's Indoor Mile. But who's in need of speed? Well, after all this snow melts, just about everyone who wants to run a Spring 5K will wish they'd been coming to the track more. Time to get out there!

* The NVRC Marathon Teams raise money for the Centre Volunteers in Medicine. The teams were started by CVIM Board Member John Domico, who ran the Boston Marathon to raise money for CVIM as a solo venture several years ago. The next year, he organized teams and the idea snowballed. This year the NVRC will field runners at the Pittsburgh and Pocano Marathons for the same cause. Over the years, the NVRC has raised several hundred thousand dollars for CVIM. Contact John Domico at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to participate in this year's effort.

Thursday Track Report: Pull Bwana's Finger

The ultra-clean crowd of Jim Myers, John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, Greg Dillon, John Sheakoski, George Lesieutre, Lance Bland, Jim Moore, Meira Minard, Marty Klanchar, Mark Fedkin, Brett Michaud, Rich Harter, Michael Goldfine, Kathy Koetje-Simin, Jessica Wekke, Ann Marie Oldani, John Wilcock, Andy Arndt, Lee Culver, Ron Cunfer, Dave DeGroote, Esther Prins, Libby Covelli, and Marty Mazur headed to the MSF track, pushed along by cold, stiff breezes. On the way down, the discussion centered on fingers and hygiene. While it was concluded that one should use two different fingers for nose and ear care, it was not resolved the best way to keep these fingers straight, i.e. which is for which. And of course, the difficulties are compounded if fingers are also used for other activities, hygienic or not.

The Crew licked their fingers clean as Bwana announced the workout, knowing that they'd be touching each other quite a bit: two-person 6X2 lap relays. It's a tough workout, especially if you start too fast. Plenty of people were giving Bwana the finger between gasps.

Several trackers flipped Bwana the bird by not bothering to show up for today's travails. Tom Hilands plodded around the golf course, all by himself against the wind both ways. He must have had to keep his fingers someplace warm on the backstretch. Mark Lee poked his mates at Minitab in the eye, missing their rare group track outing. Greg Luna was eating Mexican finger food. (Tip to Greg: Watch where you scratch after handling hot peppers!) Beth Herndon was texting all her BFFs about her doings this weekend. (Ah, the digital age!) And Jonathan Thurley was spinning his fingers through his Rolodex, trying to find some rich alumni to button-hole to meet his fundraising quotas.

Thursday Track Report: Just Six Words

The sky was blue for the group. John Domico and Tom Cali, present. And Greg Dillon and Bob Cornwall. And Mark Fedkin and John Sheakoski. And Judd Michael and Costas Maranas. And Jonathan Thurley and Ron Cunfer. Ditto, Jerry Steffy and Dave DeGroote. Tambien, Jim Laudermilch and John Ake. Plus Kirk Rager and Dana Todd. And Tara Murray and Kathy Koetje-Simin. Can't forget that gal Meira Minard. Nor shall we slight Esther Prins. Nor Bob Jones, nor George Lesieutre. Forget not also Mister Michael Goldfine. Also Jim Moore and Lance Bland. Last, but not least, Marty Mazur. Some went inside, some went out. The girlies were sun worshipers all. But they gave off a smell. Most of the boys stayed inside.

The outies ran quarters till pooped. The innies did 300s till dead. No one is ready for Friday. We could all use ice cream. Or a trip to the spa. Anything but what we all did.

OK, so not everyone worked out. Matt Soccio did Richard Simmons's workout. Mark Traband and Tom Hilands punted. Lee Culver gimped around the office. Julie Grubb: too good for track. Janet Jonson had some crazy excuse. And Randy Jepson wrestled with demons.

All Y'All Can Keep On Running!

Marty, Mr. Six Word Memoir Wannabe.

[Tara Murray won an accolade today. Her six word memoir was chosen! SMITH magazine's memoir of the day. "Ate ice cream at every opportunity." Now doesn't that just take all! For more info, go to]

Thursday Track Report: Hard Training

It was bright and sunny at the station as Bwana's Peace Train started loading. John Domico, Bob Cornwall, Marty Klanchar, John Sheakosi, Costas Maranas, Brett Michaud, Mark Fedkin, Meira Minard, Jessica Wekke, Dave DeGroote, Ann Marie Oldani, Janet Jonson, Mark Traband, Michael Goldfine, Jerry Steffy, and Marty Mazur got aboard the express to the MSF. Greg Dillon had taken the early shuttle and Lee Culver, Jim Moore, Tom Hilands, Lance Bland, Aroline Seibert, and Jim Myers took the pump car on a spur to the outdoor track.

It's no wonder Amtrak doesn't make any money. Everybody's an individualist and has to go their own way, which is why the Car is King. At the MSF, Bwana gave a choice between a timed mile and a 3-4-4-3 lap pace workout. Bwana and Jerry ran a mile, most of the others did the pace workout, and a few took choice 3, not on the menu. Bwana and Jerry confirmed the wisdom of their choice this year not to do the Indoor Miles, both running, to use the technical parlance, slower than a train on a dirt road. If either showed up at an Indoor Mile, they'd be the caboose, for sure. Bwana did a few 200s to round out his workout.

Quite a few of the trains on Bwana's B&O RR are off track in their training. Jim Taylor has been camped out in the dining car lately. John Wilcock has had too much of a one-track mind lately. Greg Luna was heard saying something about needing a boilermaker. Tara Murray is the Little Engine That Could only when a hill is involved. And Kathy Koetje-Simin was getting her trestle worked on!