Thursday Track Report: Balls To The Wall

It was drab and gray as John Domico, Tom Cali, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Bob Cornwall, Marty Klanchar, Ken Davis, Jim Moore, Costas Maranas, Tom Hilands, Jamie Volkert, Dada Todd, Lee Culver, Michael Goldfine, Ron Cunfer, Jonathan Thurley, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. But even grayer news awaited them when they got to the track. No pink! No fluff! Oh, Jamie had worn one of his pink metrosexual ties to work, but that was back in the locker room. And Michael G. had worn his sequined dashiki, but it was hanging in his locker. No, what I mean was there were no girls. They'd all deserted us!

Well, we made the best of it. We spat without looking where. We scratched ourselves more. We made crude jokes. Domico flexed his scalp muscles. And we ran hard. I mean we really pounded it. The crew wasn't nuts about the workout, Bwana, who is boning up for his dives into the valleys of Legs 2 and 9, had everyone do some long, slow repeats. Then it was balls to wall back to Rec Hall for some towel slapping and fart jokes.

I guess I'll just list all the females who weren't here. Oh, some of them had excuses, I guess. Ann is getting her knee caps beautified. Miera was exfoliating her heels. Cheryl was trying on her new bionic leg. Tara was dressed in a trench coat putting 3 roses and a half-drunk bottle of cognac on the grave of Edgar Allan Poe. And LDC was trying on a new muumuu. But by and large, they were not the excuses guys would feel comfortable giving. Even sensitive guys.

Oh: And just in case you think the title is inapprop:

Thursday Track Report: Your Name Assignments

It was drab and cool as Jim "Mr. Intensity" Myers, John "The Dome" Domico, Tom "Cali" Cali, Lance "Band of the" Bland, Judd "Middle Name" Michael, Jim "The Slow Moore" Moore, Bob "Sanbagger" Cornwall, John "The Commish" Sheakoski, Tim "Katie" Aydin, Adam "Wealth" Smith, Jamie "Wet T-Shirt" Volkert, Paula "The Czech" Jech, newcomer Kathy "LDC" Koetje-Simin, Rob "Maple Leaf" Shaver, Kevin "The Other Bald Guy" Becker, Rich "Intensity-Squared" Harter, Dana "The Sub" Todd, Kirk "Comma Captain James T" Rager, Jim "Bisquits" Laudermilch, John "Why Does It" Ake, and Marty "Bwana" Mazur. found their way to the track.

Bwana got to the track early because somebody who is actually a Rec Hall Regular (basketball player) and should know better scheduled a 1 PM meeting. By the time everyone else arrived, Bwana had done 200s and 400s beyond counting. To help everyone catch up, he assigned an easy downward ladder: 2X800-2X400-2X200.

After years of consideration, Bwana has finally assigned nicknames. He is very pleased with his choices and is sure you will be, too. The names assigned to the "less than regular" will be revealed in time. Bwana is very pleased with these choices as well, though he is not so sure the recipients will be. Bwana will next work on the Thursday Track uniforms for the men. He has already put LDC in charge of the women's outfits.

Thursday Track Report: Recovery Room

It was a bright, sunny, and mild day, and Bwana knew he was gonna have trouble with names today. There were a lot of newcomers and he didn't catch everyone, nor everyone's last name, and probably missed one or two regulars as well. But at least this he remembers: John Domico, Jim Myers, Jim Moore, Tom Cali, Judd Michael, Frank Zaffino, Marty Klanchar, Greg Dillon, Costas Maranas, Ken Davis, Mark Fedkin, George Lesieutre, Michael Goldfine,  Miles Smith, Dave Rasmussen, Tim Aydin, Kevin Becker, newcomers Adam Smith, Ryan Booz, Ben, and Ally, Rob Shaver, Jamie Volkert, Rich Harter, Jim Laudermilch, Ron Cunfer, Lee Culver, and Marty Mazur were at the track.

Bwana gave the Mini-Frontloader Workout: 2X(800-200-200-200) where you run the two hundreds with very little (100 m) recovery from the 800s (or each other). The idea is to recover as you're running your 200s, each one getting faster. For those of you who are wondering what a Frontloader without the "Mini" before it entails, it's 1600-400-400-400 with a short (200m) between each run.

There's a group out there that has a sixth sense about when Bwana is going to give a low-recovery workout. They usually heap up on the recovery before the workout and just carry it on through, missing the workout entirely. Sherry Tirko is still recovering from her annual appearance at the track last week. Bob Cornwall, was recovering his couch and ottoman. Tara Murray was "pre-recovering" from tonight's 38 mile workout of running Legs 1-7 of the mOUnTaiNBACK after jogging in from Bellefonte. And Tom Hilands was executing his team's new workout philosophy of doing "all-recovery" workouts.

Next week, Greg Dillon will be coaching Costas Maranas and whoever else wants to have a near-death experience through a "Supersets" workout. It's a couple of steps beyond what we normally do at the track. If you want to join in, bring a note from your doctor...

Thursday Track Report: A Leg Up

Summer is winding down, but the called-for rain was holding off until evening as Jim Myers, John Domico, Bob Jones, Tom Cali, John Sheakoski, Jim Moore, Lance Bland, Greg Dillon, Ken Davis, George Lesieutre, Tom Hilands, Frank Zaffino, Mark Fedkin, Jamie Volkert, Michael Goldfine, Dana Todd, Kirk Rager, Rich Harter, Kevin Becker, Paula Jech, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

The plan was for Gregg Dillon to school some lucky people (those who'd brought notes from their doctors and liability waivers) on the dreaded Supersets workout. You know, the one that will take minutes off your 5K time...if you survive. But the main intended pupil, Costas, was truant. So Bwana gave the Shekoski Progressive Quarters workout: Start in lane two. Run a full lap, timed. Move to lane 3. Run a lap, only it has to be faster. Etc, out to lane 7 (at least). It's a good pacing workout, best not to start too fast.

Later, there was discussion of acquiring a "DCR Trophy" that would be passed to each year's winning DCR team. The trophy would have the team name and team members' names engraved on it. It would include the three past winners. Stipulation: the trophy has to be ugly. Suggestion: A "major award" leg lamp like the one from "A Christmas Story".

So who will be winning a Major (Ugly) Award from Bwana this week? Well, the truant Costas, of course. The guy's the number 2 on my team! He needs to train! And while we're at it, where was the rest of my team? Rob? Jessica?, Alan? Mark? C'mon, you really don't expect me to get the Lamp Award on my own, do you? We've gotta get a leg up on these other people, especially since Team Elijah already has the two biggest sandbaggers AND the two biggest post-draft pick-ups!

Thursday Track Report: All Twitchy

A return to the cool, fungusy days of about a month ago saw John Domico, Jim Myers, Jim Moore, Lance Bland, Judd Michael, Greg Dillon, George Lesieutre, John Sheakoski, Costas Maranas, Mark Fedkin, Frank Zaffino, Tom Cali, Tom Hilands, Mark Griffin, Dana Todd, Miles Smith, newcomer Dave Rasmussen, Rich Harter, Tony DiNallo, John Ake, Michael Goldfine, Rob Shaver, Tara Murray, Mark Traband, Sherry Tirko, and Marty Mazur head to the track under drab skies.

It was time for the obligatory fast-twitch workout of the Fall. Bwana had the Crew run 12X200 relays in three person teams. While most teams struggled to have all their members run their 200s under 40 seconds, and some succeeded in running closer to 35, DCR Captain and Thursday Track newcomer Dave Rasmussen was cranking them out in 30 seconds! And, by the way, Sherry Tirko is working on being banned from Track for showing us all up. She comes, what, about a handful of times a year, and each time faster than before! Bwana does not need this kind of endorsement!

Moving from fast-twitch, past slow twitch, and right along to no-twitch...Bwana's trigger finger is twitching since so few of his own team members (3 of 7) seem to think Thursday Track is worthwhile. C'mon, guys (and gal)! I don't want to have to downgrade my pre-mOUnTaiNBACK ranking of my own team! But Bwana need not worry too much. His team's attendance was the tops among the DCR. Bwana  is pretty sure Dave Moore will continue his two-mOUnTaiNBACK streak of Captaining a non-contender team (2 for 7 in attendance!). But Moore's chances are infinitely better than no-show Petrarca and company - oh for 7!