Outdoor Tracks

Penn State Outdoor Track
State College High School Track

If you go to either track (especially with small children), please bring along a little common sense. The coaches don't appreciate kids riding bikes on the tracks, throwing sand from the long-jump pits, splashing in the steeplechase water, bouncing on the pole vault mats, and so on.

Indoor Tracks

Multi-Sport Facility Indoor Track
Rec Hall Indoor Track
IM Building Indoor Track


With the latest enlargements and enhancements to Beaver Stadium, one of our old foul weather stand-bys has fallen to the wayside. The path under the bleachers at Beaver Stadium that offered a semi-sheltered 525 yard outdoor circuit is now enclosed by gates that are usually closed.

In case you're curious: State College high school also has a pretty nice little indoor track (11 laps to the mile), but that is not available to the general public.