Facing The Music

Despite the fact that several of tomorrow's Indoor Mile competitors didn't come, and that it was cold and windy out, a big group decided to face the music and head to the track today. Tom Cali, John Domico, Lance Bland, Ken Davis, John Sheakoski, Nick Downs, Frank Zaffino, Tom Hilands, Paul Lammert, Costas Maranas, Mark Fedkin, Mark and Mary Hilliard, Jamie Volkert, John Wilcock, Marv Hall, Michael Goldfine, Dana Todd and newcomer Jim, John Pringle, Ron Cunfer, Lee Culver, Dave Miller, Mark Lee, Jerry Steffy, and Marty Mazur all found their way to the track.

Bwana called the tune: an ascending scale of 2-3-4-5 laps. The trick was to try to keep the same pitch through the whole arpeggio. After the 5-lapper, many of the runners were wheezing like an abused squeezebox and crying like a deranged street-corner hurdy-gurdy.

On a low note, Bwana was disappointed with some of tomorrow's milers who weren't there polishing their bows for the last big race. We hope that Tara Murray can still have a major achievement with her minor investment. We hope Marty Klanchar's rest leaves him augmented for tomorrow's run, rather than with diminished stamina. As for the rest of the no-shows, all Bwana can say is that they'll be in treble next time they show up at the track!


Spring was still a long way off, so John Domico, Tom Cali, John Sheakoski, Marty Klanchar, Ken Davis, Lance Bland, George Lesieutre, Frank Zaffino, Mark Lee, Paul Lammert, Mark Traband, Bob Cornwall, Shawn Kelly, Joel Niemann, John Wilcock, Mark Fedkin, Nick Downs, Julie Grubb, Dana Todd, Mark Hilliard, Mike Casper, Jessica Charles, Lee Culver, newcomer Dave Miller, and Marty Mazur headed for the MSF track.

Bwana took Ken Davis's suggestion and called for an NX400 workout, where N was 12 for Ken and 6 for everyone else. A few of the crew did their own crazy marathon training workout: 2 Mile + 2X1 Mile + 2X 800, but at a pace about 80 seconds a mile faster than their marathon pace. Have Domico explain the rationale for this insanity if you're curious.

Big-time kudos today goes to Jessica Charles, who is showing remarkable improvement. Despite the fact that she ran her quarters 7 to 20 seconds slower than Bwana, she still inexorably gained ground on him through the workout. Her recovery was very quick. This shows that she still had a little in the tank to be able to hurry through the recovery lap. The program for next time for her will be to run the repeats even harder.

Several Trackers have a real lot left in the tank because the car doesn't leave the garage. Ron Cunfer thinks the mpg calculation can be done with a 0 in the numerator as well as the denominator. He'll need to brush up on l'Hôpital's rule. Dave Moore is draining the tank of coffee in the grad student lounge. Tara Murray thinks that listening to the high-pitched whine of Neil Young on her iPod will propel her to a sub-6 mile tomorrow. No tanks. And Greg Luna is trying to cash in on all the Yaktrak yackity-yak by making some new-fangled snow-shows with tank treads.

Thin Air

It was cold and windy outside as Marty Klanchar, Ken Davis, Greg Dillon, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Mark Fedkin, Beth Herndon, Frank Zaffino, Stephanie Serriere, Jessica Charles, Jamie Volkert, Dave DeGroote, Mark Traband, and Marty Mazur headed for the dry air of the MSF indoor track. John Sheakoski and Tom Cali decided to "brave" the trip upstairs to do their workout on the Rec Hall track. There they got to see Esther Prins and her new baby. Esther's on her way back!

Bwana decided to hand out an old favorite, the 6 X 2-lap relay. Bwana thinks that not only does the cold suck all the moisture out of the air, it also depletes it of oxygen and leaves a high concentration of idiot molecules in what remains. Bwana had to explain the whole concept about 3 times, as well as remind everyone to please stay out of lane 3 because of the vision-impaired runner (not Dillon) working out there.

Speaking of idiot gas, Bwana must have missed the email wherein the whippit party was announced. John Domico, Dana Todd, and Michael Goldfine were gathered around a big cannister of nitrous in John Pringle's garage. He said he'd "found" it behind a dentist's office. George Lesieutre, Chairman of the Aerospace Engineering Department, was locked in his office with a plastic model of a hypersonic aircraft and 17 open tubes of Testor's. Tara Murray was huffing Chablis and crudités at a librarian conference in Savannah. And Greg Luna has been exploring the hallucinatory properties of snorting finely ground Mexican chili peppers!

Package Tour

The weather was nice, which bode well for a good turnout at the track today. John Domico, Beth Herndon, John Sheakoski, Lance Bland, Marty Klanchar, Ann Skulas-Ray, Frank Zaffino, Tim Aydin, Paul Lammert, Greg Dillon, newcomer Shawn Kelly, Nick Downs, Jamie Volkert, Tom Hilands, Mark Fedkin, Andy Arndt, Tara Murray, Stephanie Serriere, Dana Todd, John Wilcock, Mark Traband, Michael Goldfine, Dave DeGroote, Mike Casper, and Marty Mazur headed to the MSF as one big unit. Studmuffin Randy Jepson and Tom Cali, the weeny, had done a workout earlier at the Rec Hall track, but Tom came along to the MSF to make it longer.

After some blush-making comments about Bwana's running tights at Rec Hall, Bwana made sure that he had on some looser gear when he started his workout. Didn't want any of the ladies getting whiplash during Bwana's priapic peregrinations. Bwana had a pretty stiff workout in mind today: the Indoor Benchmark, the low recovery NX3X300. It's a tough workout to tackle. Nobody's nuts about this one, but when you sign up as a member of the Thursday Track Crew, you take the whole package.

A few runners were missing from today's bulging turnout. Jessica Charles was trying out some wedding gowns (Vera Wang?). Judd Michael was working on another proposal. He is such a tool. John Pringle and Sherry Tirko gave Bwana the shaft again. And Greg Luna, Costas Maranas, Marv Hall, and Julie Grubb were at Herwig's for lunch today. Sausage special.

Just Hang On!

The first track workout of the season brought treacherously icy conditions on the sidewalks of campus. Still, the intrepid trackers John Domico, Tom Cali, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Mark Lee, Greg Dillon, Tom Hilands, Frank Zaffino, John Sheakoski, Ruth Mischler, Jamie Volkert, Cheryl Capone (who was there earlier), Tara Murray, Stephanie Serriere, Paul Lammert, John Wilcock, Andy Arndt, Michael Goldfine, Mark Traband, Jonathan Thurley, and Marty Mazur skidded down to the track.

A big part of the crew are going to do the first Indoor Mile on Saturday. Bwana decided to give them a "Hang On To The Upward Ladder" workout. You start out slow on a 2 lapper, then try to maintain the same pace on a 3, 4, and 5 lapper. The Indoor Milers will need that staying power on Saturday.

Several trackers had a different kind of staying power. Dana Todd was staying home trying to finish up the last of the New Years pickled herring. Sam and Ed Thompson were playing chicken to see which of the brothers would be the first to come to the track this year. Sherry Tirko was hanging on to the hope that she could still win the office College Bowl Pool if Oklahoma wins by a thousand points tonight. And John Pringle was standing fast in a purple plaid dress with matching sword and shoulder plate on the corner of College and McAllister.