Thursday Track Report: Bwana - Trying To Be Everywhere And Know Everything

Bwana can't be everywhere at once, but he has eyes and ears everywhere. On the first day of a nice January thaw, Jim Myers, Tom Cali, John Domico, Bob Jones, Lance Bland, Jim Moore, Tara Murray, Marty Klanchar,  George Lesieutre, Brett Michaud, Michael Goldfine, newcomers Cm April (Bwana didn't just tumble off a turnip truck, but he's never met anyone before named for a musical chord) and Josh Valentine, Dave DeGroote, and Marty Mazur headed to the outdoor track. Another group thought it was still not "thawy" enough and headed to the indoor track: Costas Maranas, Ron Cunfer, Mark Fedkin, Greg Dillon. Jim Laudermilch, Jessica Wekke, Rich Harter, and a female newcomer (Bwana is working on the telepathy thing and will get back with a name shortly). And Meria Minard, Dave Moore, Tim Spigelmyer, Mike Weyandt, and Matt Soccio, did a non-track workout, but at least touched base at the track (Bwana has standards, low as they may be.)

The outdoor group did NX800 (for most, N was 4) with a stiff breeze on the back stretch. A nice preview of what March will be like when we move outdoors for the year. The indoor crew was rudderless without Bwana (who is working on telegraphing his workouts). Some did sets of 200s, some did sets of 800s. And the non-track splinter group was obviously working hard...thinking about llamas and German rabbit dishes. (Bwana isn't Google, but knows how to use it: Hassenpfeffer!)

But despite there being a group for just about everyone today, there were some who chose to be in their own group. Lee Culver was in the "I need to cross-train so I think I'll do it on Thursday" group. Lee: Track *is* cross-training.  John Wilcock was in the Run-a-holics Recovery Group with his Goofy pals. Miles Smith is in the New Marvel Superheros group. His new name: Lead Man (and, no, that first word does not rhyme with "feed"). Julie Grubb headed up the "We're Too Good For The Track" group meeting. And Janet Jonson is the new point leader of the "I ALMOST Came To Track Today" group!

Thursday Track Report: Keeping Track

Since the really cold weather settled in just after Christmas, the local runners have started counting down the days until Spring. John Domico, Jim Myers, Tom Cali, Lance Bland, Marty Klanchar, Bob Cornwall, Mark Fedkin, Tom Hilands, Miles Smith, Dave DeGroote, Mark Traband, Tara Murray, Meira Minard, newcomer Nancy Gulley, Jessica Wekke, Jonathan Thurley, Michael Goldfine, Rich Harter, Dana Todd, Jim Laudermilch, and Marty Mazur headed to the Multi-Sport Facility to do a little lap counting.

Well, 2010 is upon us. It's a year for those intrigued with math puzzles and oddities. After all, 2010 = 2345*6/7. (Ask Tara, who's more than just a Librarian: She knows Caluculus!). It's also 0 - (1*2*3) + 4*567*8/9. As you can see, Bwana is back after a month's hiatus, ready to give you all something to think about as you try to keep count of your laps. He welcomed the Crew and made them feel at home with the usual year-starter: NX3X300. That's N sets of 3X300 where there's only a short (100 m) rest between each 300 in a set. Most people did N=3 and thought that felt a lot worse than the same thing did in December. Most people also lost count, or started in the wrong place and had to do higher math in their oxygen-deprived brains to figure out where to finish. Luckily, there was a shockingly attired runner at the track with long dark hair and wearing neon pink that kept everyone focused on running faster. Yes, Michael Goldfine was wearing his Holy Cannoli singlet, and he was blazing fast!

Several runners lost track of what day of the week it is. Matt Soccio was doing his Richard Simmons Navy Seal Workout Lite. Since he's been off training, he probably doesn't need to count so high when he's doing his Girlie Pushups. Costas Maranas is off on his honeymoon. We'll have to ask Michelle how high he can count when they get back. John Wilcock is still stuck on those Goofy numbers 13 and 26. He's down in Disneyworld for the Goofy Challenge. And Esther Prins wasn't counting on getting called out by Bwana already. But he knows she's back to running!

While it's too late to sign up for this weekend's Indoor Mile Series, there will be three more Indoor Miles and a 3K race in the Series.They're a great way to get your speed back after Christmas and in time for Spring 5Ks. For more information, go to the Indoor Mile page.

Thursday Track Report: Wind Wusses

It was windy as all get out, and cold too, as Bob Jones, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Greg Luna, Marty Klanchar, George Lesieutre, John Sheakoski, Meira Minard, Ann Skulas-Ray, Dana Todd, Mark Lee, John Wilcock, Tara Murray, Mark Traband, Jim Laudermilch, Tim Spigelmyer, Rich Harter, Michael Goldfine, Joel Niemann, Dave DeGroote, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. The whole Crew went to the MSF Indoor Track. Yes, the whole Crew. Even Tara.

Well, almost the whole Crew. Bob Cornwall, Tom Cali, and Jim Moore stayed at Rec Hall, promising to do the same workout we did on the upstairs track. I trust 'em. And it's possible to do it, too, since the Rec Hall track is the same length as Lane 6 of the MSF track. The MSF crowd ran a descending ladder of 5-4-3-2 laps, with the pace increasing each step down the ladder.

Several of Bwana's Crew are on a downward ladder, heading for Bwana's Basement, esteem-wise. But they have time to redeem themselves before Bwana Claus makes his midnight trip in two weeks. The Annual Look Back / Look Forward Jingle Bell Jog will be next Thursday.

For those new to the Fold, it works this way: Everyone dresses in a festive manner and runs down to the outdoor track (no matter what the conditions) for two quick backward-then-forward quarter miles. Then we jog through downtown, including a run through Rapid Transit and a trip to the roof of the new parking garage on Beaver. The "festive manner" has been getting a little out of hand lately. It started out with bells and red scarfs and has lately included strange costumes. And if Bwanita shows up, all bets are off, especially if she spills the beans about her time with Tiger.

Thursday Track Report: With Bells On!

It was crisp, but sunny as John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Jones, Greg Luna, John Sheakoski, Marty Klanchar, Costas Maranas, Mark Fedkin, Lance Bland, Dave DeGroote, Mark Traband, newcomer Ray Kristofik, Michael Goldfine, Meira Minard, Tara Murray, Janet Jonson, Kathy Beth Herndon, Koetje-Simin, and Bwanita headed down to the track for the traditional last Thursday Track of the year. Jim Myers was "not there", but sent his twin brother, Jim.

Bwana took his annual and well-deserved rest as leader of the Crew and let Bwanita lead the group through the traditional workout. That involved jogging across campus dressed as elves and reindeer, avoiding the campus cops, and hitting the track. There, the Crew did a look back on 2009, running backward for a quarter-mile, cleansing the mistakes, sins, and crappy 5K performances. Then, an abrupt turnaround, for another lap into the wind ahead of us: 2010! Next, the Crew headed through downtown, hitting all of Bwanita's old haunts: H00ters (none of the girls were too happy to see Bwanita; she always got better tips), the Skellar, Zeno's, St. Brendan's Home For Wayward Boys, Fraternity Row, and Rapid Transit Sports (Hi, Terry! XXXOOOXXX!) After a climb to the top of the new Beaver garage to survey the town (Bwanita always thought it was a lot easier going down), the Crew went to Brother's Pizza to pick up some pies for the guys and gals in the Rec Hall equipment room. There will be pictures of this year's event posted at some undisclosed adult site at some later time.

Those who didn't make, not to worry. You'll have a clean slate and a clean conscience for next year. But you'll have missed all the fun! Unless you get to one of the Unofficial NVRC Parties that are brewing. Bwana and Bwanita wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

Thursday Track gets going again in three weeks, on January 7. Just in time for the Indoor Mile Series!

Thursday Track Report: Off-Color

It was gray and breezy as Bob Jones, John Domico, newcomer Dan Coghlan, Tom Cali, Jim Moore, Lance Bland, Tom Hilands, Costas Maranas, Marty Klanchar, Michael Goldfine, John Wilcock, Mark Lee, Ron Cunfer, Mike Weyandt, Meira Minard, Lee Culver, Dana Todd, Ann Skulas-Ray, Mike Casper, Tara Murray, and Marty Mazur. Many of the trackers were red-faced, and not just from the bracing wind. A storm of blue humor, some of it in purple prose, has been lacing the run-time conversations most of the week, ever since the news broke that golf's wonder-boy, the captain of the greens, got caught trading in a blonde for a couple of browns. Well, in the end, he wasn't yellow and 'fessed up.

Bwana knows his Crew isn't pure white as the driven snow. Which is why he puts them through the purification ritual every week to keep them in the pink. But since the Half-Marathon is on Sunday, Bwana went easy: N X 1/2-mile in the outside lane. Most people did N = 2 or 3.

Several of Bwana's Crew further blackened their reputations this week. Kathy Koetje-Simin looks through the rose-colored glasses of her memory at the weather of Seattle(!), her erstwhile abode, refusing to buck up to a cool breeze. Greg Dillon should be turning crimson over his lack of running lately. And, Bob Cornwall: I know you're not marooned on a desert island. So orange you supposed to be at the track? And where has Sherry Turquoise been lately? I'll tell you, some of the excuses Bwana hears make him puce!