January 26, 2024
University Park, PA
by Marty Mazur

The second meet of the 2024 Indoor Mile Series had a good turnout despite the absence of the Penn State Cross-Country Club, many of whose members were participating in the Miles for Smiles charitable fundraiser. There were some blazing fast times as well as one Club record.

In the first heat, Carly Shea, the current NVRC Women’s Masters record holder, returned to the track. She led from start to finish, crossing the finish line in 5:31.48, and beating the record she set last year by almost two seconds. Second place went to Maggie Mahoney, last meet’s fastest female, in 5:43.10. Matt Smith was third in 6:05.03.

In the first meet, no one in Heat 2 broke five minutes. This time around, four runners went under 5. Rio King was first in 4:45.00, Steven Barnard was second in 4:49.99, and Cam Mallett was third in 4:53.24.

The fast heat was even faster this week than in Meet 1. The Meet 1 winner Vince Vadale showed his exceptional negative split capability, running away from the field to finish first in 4:28.68. This was not only 1.6 seconds faster than his last effort, but a quarter-second faster than any of his runs last year when he won the Series title. Second place went to Jameson Todd in 4:31 flat. Scott Wallace was close behind in 4:31.47. Wallace turned in the fastest Men's Masters time of the year. All Heat 3 runners finished in under 4:51 for an exceptionally fast heat.

The last meet in the Indoor Mile Series will be next week. As usual, there will be a heat of the 3000 meter run and a predicted time contest, as well as Series awards. Come out for the last meet!


                                        Heat 1 top finishers from left to right: Maggie Mahoney (2), Carly Shea (1), and Matt Smith (3)

Heat 2 top finishers let to right: Rio King (1), Steven Barnard (2), and Cam Mallett (3)

Heat 3 top finishers left to right: Vince Fadale (1), Jameson Todd (2), and Scott Wallace (3)

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Carly Shea              5:31.48 (M)(R)
  2    Maggie Mahoney          5:43.10
  3    Matt Smith              6:05.03 (M)
  4    Keith Henderson         6:31.75 (M)
  5    Bob Ferguson            6:45.06 (M)
  6    Wilma DePiore           7:15.85 (M)
  7    Phil Pillin             7:23.29 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Rio King                4:45.99
  2    Steven Barnard          4:49.99
  3    Cam Mallett             4:53.24
  4    Justin Waraniak         4:56.52
  5    Jacob Loverich          5:01.50
  6    Terry Shea              5:06.94 (M)
  7    Sean Devlin             5:18.91
  8    Owen Lomotan            5:41.88

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Vince Fadale            4:28.68
  2    Jameson Todd            4:31.00
  3    Scott Wallace           4:31.47 (M)
  4    Winter Parts            4:33.79
  5    Charles Wood            4:35.81
  6    Nathan Allen            4:36.00
  7    Landon Faulkner         4:36.14
  8    Liam Goldsworthy        4:36.43
  9    Ben Whatley             4:41.67
 10    Jack Kelly              4:49.40
 11    Christopher Cervantes   4:50.33

(M) Masters Runner
(R) Indoor Mile Series Record