January 14, 2023
University Park, PA
by Marty Mazur

The first meet of the 2023 Indoor Mile Series saw some of the close races that have become characteristic of the Series. In the first heat, Ethan Chen started out with a strong lead. But Masters runners Carly Shea and Matt Smith ran steadily better laps and wore down Chen’s lead. Shea, who holds all the Series Masters Women’s records, finished first in 5:42.08. Smith was second in 5:47.31, and Chen was third in 5:52.51. There was only 0.17 seconds separating fourth place Hannah Bauer and fifth place Quincey Reese. Also in the first heat, Josh Cone pushed ability athlete Jessica Stetson in her wheelchair to a time of 6:55.85.

The second heat saw Jared Loeper build an insurmountable lead early on. Jared was shooting for sub-5, but fell off the pace in the second half-mile, He ran a strong last lap, but it was not quite enough to go under 5. Loeper finished first in 5:00.08. He’ll be back to put things right, though he may have to do it in the fast heat. Second place went to Joseph Romano in 5:18.26. Third  was Bryce Cohen in 5:26.91.

The fast heat saw a close lead pack of Vince Fadale, Scott Wallace, and Jason Sammut trade places until the last quarter mile, when Fadale found a new gear and won running away in 4:33.52. Wallace was second in 4:38.70, and had the fastest Men's Masters time, and Sammut took third in 4:39.33. All but one runner went sub-5.

The next meet in the Indoor Mile Series is next Friday, January 27, in conjunction with the Penn State National Meet. Remember to pre-register by emailing Marty Klanchar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tell Marty your approximate projected finishing time to help him organize heats.

Carly Shea returned to take the fastest Women's Masters time

Maggie Mahoney was the fastest woman on the track in the first Series meet

Vince Fadale ran a big negative split to win the fast heat

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Carly Shea              5:42.08 (M)
  2    Matt Smith              5:47.31 (M)
  3    Ethan Chen              5:52.51
  4    Hannah Bauer            6:00.64
  5    Quincey Reese           6:00.81
  6    John Iceland            6:01.41 (M)
  7    Tari Elkin              6:09.98
  8    Keith Henderson         6:28.01 (M)
  9    Jessica Stetson         6:55.85
 10    Josh Cone               6:56.41
 11    Marty Klanchar          7:00.65 (M)
 12    Bob Ferguson            7:08.91 (M)
 13    Rich Ciervo             8:12.71 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Jared Loeper            5:00.08
  2    Joseph Romano           5:18.26
  3    Bryce Cohen             5:26.91
  4    Maggie Mahoney          5:29.35
  5    Eli Zakarian            5:32.52
  6    Zachary Probolus        5:42.59
  7    Trevor Schoenemann      5:42.87
  8    Alyssa Fedorshak        5:47.84
  9    Daniel Takacs           6:05.85

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Vince Fadale            4:33.52
  2    Scott Wallace           4:38.70 (M)
  3    Jason Sammut            4:39.33
  4    Caeden Smith            4:44.25
  5    Jeremy Bell             4:46.20
  6    Josh Holmes             4:46.55
  7    Patrick Driscoll        4:48.21
  8    Stephen Nalepa          4:52.74
  9    Cam Mallette            4:56.76
 10    Boyd Westin             4:58.30
 11    Charles Wood            4:59.54
 12    Ben Wonderling          5:24.13