University Park, PA
July 12, 2015

What is Arts Festival weather? Anyone who’s been around here for a while automatically says “Hot and humid.” Well, weather for the 40th Arts Festival races actually wasn’t bad – humidity was quite tolerable, and the high for the day, long after the races finished, was 80 degrees.   Taking advantage of the conditions were 513 finishers, out of 557 registered.

The outstanding performance was that of Dan Craighead, who won the 10 miler in 54:32, about five minutes ahead of second place Loc O. Dan also won this race in 2014 and the 10K in 2012. His time set a new course record; this course has only been used, however, for three years. The event record was set back in 1977, 47:37, by the legendary Greg Fredericks. The women’s record was set the next year, 1978, by the equally legendary Kathy Mills in 57:25. Back in those days the only Arts Festival race was 10 miles long, twice around and through the Penn State campus, and twice up the long hill on Burrowes from College Avenue to Rec Hall. Also notable was the 1:33:42 finish in the 10K by 95-year-old George Etzweiler, who in June became the oldest person to finish the Mount Washington Road Race, a 7.6 mile course with an elevation gain of 4,727 feet.

These races were named in honor of Sue Crowe, long-time runner and mother of a running family. Her husband Rob ran in the 10 miler and her daughter Chris Crowe Hunsberger in the 10K.

The race could not have happened without volunteers. At registration on Saturday or Sunday, or both: Marty Klanchar, Alfredo Ramirez, Tara Murray, John and Emma Wilcock, Amy Blake, Dave Beyerle, Adam Ilgen, and Meira Minard. Meira also organized the Kids Races; a report appears elsewhere on the Arts Festival webpage. Stuffing packets on Saturday were John and Emma Wilcock, Carl and Nancy Miller, Lance and Carol Bland, and John Pringle. Out on the course on Sunday were Adam Smith at the “Five Points,” Cheryl and Brian Capone at Burrowes/IST bridge, Jeff Johnson at Dauer/Porter, and Adam Ilgen at Curtin/University. The Shortlidge Plaza water station was run by Mark Fedkin with young athletes from Nittany Track & Field, the IST Bridge water station by Dawn Maguire and the Maguire family, and the Radio Park 10 miler water station by Julie Grubb and Johanna Ohm. In charge of water bottles at the finish line were Davis Michael and his sister. Food was delivered by Steve Ast, and awards after the race were organized by Emma Wilcock and Jeff Johnson.

Thanks to sponsors: Rapid Transit Sports for the race bags, the State College Spikes for use of the stadium, and the Centre County Visitors Bureau for use of the facility on Saturday.

Here are links to hundreds of photos that were taken by Cheryl Capone at IST bridge/Burrowes and by John Balogh at the starts and the finishes of all the races. Higher-res images are available.

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