January 30, 2015

The "bye week" between the 2nd and the 3rd Indoor Mile Series meets proved a boon to some and a frustration to others. A few new faces turned in some great performances and others sliced big chunks of time off their previous outings. But one or two runners will have to take stock and try one last time next week.

In the first heat, Tony Kwasnica, who is much more of a long distance, multi-sport athlete, thought he might be able to run a 6 minute mile, but was a little hesitant at the start. There was never a doubt after the gun went off. Tony led from start to finish and will probably move up a heat next week, winning his heat this week in 5:49.75. Nick Gildow just missed his season goal on his first time out, taking second in 6:01.85. Joel Kramer was third 6:08.44, a three second improvement over his last time out. Rosalie Cocita's first try at the Series got her a 6:22.23. And David Lloyd cracked the 7 minute barrier for the first time this year finishing in 6:59.47.

The second heat had the closest 1-2 finish. Mike Renz led most of the way, but he had to beat off a late challenge by a younger rival to win the heat in 5:25.31. Dale Peterson was a very close second in 5:25.50. And this pair was followed by two ladies who battled to stay with them and together through the race. Kaitlyn Spangler was third in 5:26.10 and Ariane Abadi was fourth in 5:27.50. This heat was very bunched up in the top times: the first 7 finishers were all under 5:30 and within 5 seconds of first.

Heat 3 saw another close battle for first with Tyler Perdue barely holdling off Jacob Fisher to win in 4:51.21. Fisher's second place time was 4:51.96. Adam Creveling was third in 4:56.55. The heat also saw the fastest female finishers. Megan Marshall, the Indoor Mile Series record holder (4:57.63) made her return debut. Marshall has been fighting an injury and was testing her fitness level. Her husband Eric paced her through a 5:07.64 mile and she made it look easy. Past Series standout Lauren Philbrook was very close behind in 5:07.71. Lauren and Megan will probably not go head to head next week: Megan wants to shave a little more time off her mile and Lauren will probably try to win the 3K (again).

The fast heat had some early drama. Masters standout Dan Pszeniczny was hoping to come close to the Series Masters record of 4:24.07, set in 2011 by Nick Berra. Berra was also present. Pszeniczny started out at a blistering pace, with a 32 second first lap and a 64 second quarter. At the half he was still on pace for a mid-4:20s finish and well ahead of the field. But the 3rd quarter was hard and but the start of the last lap, he was getting passed. But Pszeniczny would not get passed again to have to settle for third. He reached down and stayed ahead of his next challenger. John Lacy was firts in 4:33.14. Pszeniczny took second in 4:35.42 and Joe Sullivan was third in 4:36.05. Sullivan was the first of three runners to finish within a half second. Nick Berra dropped out of the race early on.

Next week's meet will be the last of the Series and will feature heats of the mile with a Predicted Time Contest, and a heat of the 3K. You can run both if you're feeling kind of crazy. It's been done!


Tony Kwasnica ran strong, even splits to easily take heat one.


Mike Renz barely holds off Dale Peterson in Heat 2.


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Tony Kwasnica            5:49.75 (M)
 2.    Nick Gildow              6:01.85
 3.    Joel Kramer              6:08.44
 4.    Rosalie Cocita           6:22.23 (M)
 5.    Doug Schunk              6:24.90
 6.    David Lloyd              6:59.47 (M)
 7.    Robin Kramer             7:09.71
 8.    Kassidy Colton           7:46.15

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Michael Renz             5:25.31
 2.    Dale Peterson            5:25.50
 3.    Kaitlyn Spangler         5:26.10
 4.    Ariane Abadi             5:27.50
 5.    Jake Clements            5:28.21
 6.    Judd Michael             5:28.99 (M)
 7.    John Affleck             5:29.30 (M)
 8.    Matt Smith               5:31.40 (M)
 9.    Kaitlyn Johnson          5:33.38
10.    Terry Reid               5:38.28 (M)
11.    Liz McHale               5:41.79
12.    Peter Jackson            5:46.54
13.    Mike Martin              6:06.55

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Tyler Perdue             4:51.21
 2.    Jacob Fisher             4:51.96
 3.    Adam Creveling           4:56.55
 4.    Andy Maguire             4:57.18 (M)
 5.    Dilon Durnick            4:57.70
 6.    Nikita Fedkin            4:59.66
 7.    Andy Cunningham          5:00.56
 8.    Matthew Poyton           5:06.93
 9.    Eric Marshall            5:07.12
10.    Megan Marshal            5:07.64
11.    Lauren Philbrook         5:07.71
12.    Matt Pennock             5:09.10
13.    Costas Maranas           5:10.05 (M)

Heat 4

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    John Lacy                4:33.14
 2.    Dan Pszeniczny           4:35.42 (M)
 3.    Joe Sullivan             4:36.05
 4.    Mark Puleo               4:36.31
 5.    Dan Craighead            4:36.52
 6.    Timothy Appman           4:40.32
 7.    Jordan Holder            4:40.62
 8.    Ricky Waltz              4:45.62
 9.    Tim Flynn                4:46.01
10.    Peter Lin                4:46.46
11.    Richard Reube            4:58.59
12.    Steve Williams           4:56.55 (M)
13.    Matt Cady                4:58.05

M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner