August 11, 2015

Tired of the same ole hills, the crew set out to explorer new hills to test their legs on. What seemed to be a large hill workout group starting from Rec Hall, quickly dwindled down to a smaller number. Some runners were scared of anything new, some had to get back to work, some had to train for the Pikes Peak half marathon by not running any hills, and some claimed to have already completed their lunchtime run (although judging by the lack of perspiration, I’m guessing they too were scared). Thankfully the entire group wasn’t as nervous as the rest, and we headed off towards the Toftrees Trail to find this new hill, which had been previously deemed to be a mere 1.5 miles from Rec Hall.

2.5 miles later, we arrived. The hill is a nice single switchback, not too long, not too st! eep. A great newcomer hill to add to the repertoire. Confronted by construction equipment, box colverts, crushed stone, dirt, retaining walls, and confused construction workers….the crew wasted no time getting to work. Shovel Senior, Steamroller Zimmerman, BellefonteBackhoe Shafer, Excavator Maquire, Dozer Davis, Mechanic Martin, Wideload Weyandt, MackTruck Minard, Caterpillar Cornwall and Rusty Renz sped up the hill. What they weren’t expecting was the rain from last night turning the hill (a gravel construction road) into a soft and sometimes squishy terrain. Some places were extremely soft, sinking your shoes an inch into the mud/dirt as you pushed off to climb up the hill at a surveyors pace. The most busy of the group constructed 5 repeats, while the more jobsite managers of the group were happy with completing 3 or 4 repeats, knowing that they are the boss and could simply record that they did more.

Due to the distance of this hill from Rec Hall, we may not hit it too often, but it is a decent short climb / high volume workout for anyone looking to conquer some hills in their spare time. Next week we shall find something a little closer to home so that we can complete a more fuller set of hill repeats. In the mean time….make sure to not avoid any hills on your normal runs!