January 13, 2015

Ben Tolton, Andrew Maguire, Meira Minard, Michael Martin, Randy Jepson, and Mike Renz braved the winter winds and headed to Four Hills for the start of a possible resurgence of hill workouts for 2015.  Seeing as how the holiday trimmings are still looming around my not so trim midsection, and how Ben Tolton was nursing his trail-legs from a hill workout just 2 days prior, and mike martin is nursing his knee that is on a doctor prescribed ease-back-into-it….us three not-so-power-housed only did one/fourth of the four hills for a short but fast (well, relatively) paced repeats.  Somehow we managed 6 repeats of this quartered workout. 

Randy Jepson managed the longest repeat of the group turning the hill into a long out and back with some hill mixed into the middle.  Maguire and Minard were the champions of the hill pressing out at least 3 repeats of the entire 4 of 4 hills.  For all I know, they did even more, but I was too busy huffing and puffing my way back to the car to end the hill workout as soon as possible so that I could plot out my nightly 8,000 calorie meal.

For the Hill Repeating Lovers of the group, we will try to give a little more advanced notice of where we’ll be charging up and down inclines next Tuesday.