The ground was soggy and squishy from all the recent rain as John Domico, Jim Myers, Lance Bland, Jim Moore, Ken Davis, Marty Klanchar, John Sheakoski, Frank Zaffino, Dana Todd, Greg Luna, Jamie Volkert, Lee Culver, Andrew Cunningham, John Wilcock, Mark Lee, Ron Cunfer, Ed and Sam Thompson, Jeremy Zerbe, Rich Harter, Paula Jech, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. But the sun gave some small hints that it still existed behind the clouds.

Several of the recent marathoners were recovering from their exertions. Marty Klanchar, who has run 2 marathons in the last few weeks, limped along the outside lane. And a couple more trackers plan to run the Pocono Marathon later this month, so were doing a pace workout in the outside lane. And Andy Cunningham is recovering from his own (and his wife's) exertions. Andy is the proud Papa of Kale Andrew. He ran pretty well on a lack of sleep! Given that and the fact that several of the trackers were planning to  run the Sidewinder 10K on Saturday, Bwana gave out an easy downward ladder, 1K-800-600-400-200.

Bwana's going to be blunt about this. Despite the fact that it was pretty much an easy, roll-yer-own workout, several of the crew were doing a different number. Tara Murray was listening to her Doobie Brothers best-of while fumbling around for a little pipe. Mark Traband was reaming the tar out of his hookah with some horse laxative. Tom Hilands was listening to his secret stash of Dead concert tapes while eating some awesome brownies. And Andrew Webb was hurrying to get on board a plane to Holland so he could hit the legal head shop before closing time!