A cold wind blew from the steppe as Bob Jones, John Domico, Jim Moore, Bob Cornwall, Lance Bland, Greg Dillon, Marty Klanchar, John Sheakoski, Greg Luna, Mark Lee, Costas Maranas, Mark Fedkin, Tim Spigelmyer, Shawn Kelly, John Wilcock, Dana Todd, Meira Minard, Mark Traband, Lee Culver, Dave Miller, Jeremy Zerbe, newcomer Rich Harter, Ed and Sam Thompson, and Marty Mazur, Attila the Hun, Tamerlane, Hannibal and a herd of elephants, Genghis, Kublai, and Chaka Khan, Vlad the Impaler, Larry the Cable Guy, and a horde of other barbarians stormed down onto the track.

Bwana emerged from his stately yurt to give the decree: 2-person relays with 6X400 for each person, last place team to get drawn and quartered and their heads placed on a pike at the entrance to the track. Needless to say, no one was last.

Several of Bwana's Golden Horde were taking a spa day from being barbarians. Volkert the Not-So-Nice was scolding his paper boy for knocking over some of his tulips with an errant toss. Casper the Gasper was hyperventilating at the prospect of his upcoming dental appointment. Tara the Librarian was working on her fearsome Dewey Decimal System tattoo. And Goldfine the Scourge of Lemont was writing a absolutely scathing review of an overhopped pale ale for Beer Advocate.