It was a very beautiful April day. In late February! Much of the Track Crew was already at the MSF for the CVIM/Boston Marathon Team media day as Bwana and a few non-marathoning stragglers headed down. Bwana stopped in to see the Team hobnobbing with JoePa and SuePa in front of a swarm of JoeParazzi. As the reporters packed up, Bwana invited the CVIMers outside for an outdoor workout. Only a few  followed. I guess they were too overheated from the camera lights.

The outdoor folk did NX800 with N=3,4, or more, depending on how each runner felt. Jim Myers, whose foot has been giving him trouble, felt good enough to show up and do at least N=1.

Everybody seemed to have been there, either in or out, and those who weren't get a reprieve, as long as they promise to donate to the NVRC/CVIM Boston Marathon Teams!