The weather was pseudo-threatening: enough to rattle the windows of my office, and to have certain people timidly inquire as to whether we were in our out today, but actually not bad at all once you got out into it. It was dark, mild (40 degrees), and breezy as John Domico, Tom Cali, Marty Klanchar, Ken Davis, Greg Dillon, Randy Jepson, John Sheakoski, Lance Bland, Judd Michael, Ruth Mick, Mark Lee, Andy Arndt, Joel Niemann, Ron Cunfer, Dana Todd, Dave DeGroote, Tara Murray, John Wilcock, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. We all ran outside today.

Seeing as the weather was "heckish", we decided to recapitulate Dante's descent into Hell: proceeding in an ever tightening spiral, passing the suffering damned toward the frozen lake Cocytus, and the Devil himself - but "Lite". That old devil John Domico suggested a downward ladder of 1 Mile, 2X880, 4X400, where the mile and the two halves were done in the outer circle, the 4 quarters way inside on lane two. On the way toward the center, we had no guide but Bwana, who safely led us past demons and demi-urges, including the urge to quit.

Bwana is prescribing Purgatory Lite for a few of his wayward sinners. Lee Culver and Greg Luna are subject to the Sin of un-Sloth for allowing work to get in the way of track and sitting at their desks through lunch. Sherry Tirko is struggling to overcome the Sin of Buh-ull-Sh*t for making all kinds of noise like she was coming to track today and then not showing up. Mark Hilliard is a slave to the Sin of Gluttony for eating lunch downtown. And John Pringle has to go to confession for murdering Bambi's Mom earlier this week and hanging her up in his garage. Bwana's Penance: bring in some deer bologna next week!

Note: The Jingle Bell Track Workout / Look Back - Look Forward will be on Thursday, December 18.