It was blustery and cold today, so Bwana put out an email saying that today would be the first indoor track workout of the year. Still, a few of the crew didn't have it in them to go inside this early in the season. John Domico, Dave Moore, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Mark Fedkin, George Lesieutre, Marty Klanchar, John Sheakoski, Jamie Volkert, Tim Aydin, Ann Skulas-Ray and her student Brian, Ruth Mick, Sherry Tirko, and Marty Mazur went inside and Tom Cali, John Wilcocks, Tara Murray, Mark Lee, Josh Cone, Tim Spigelmyer, and Jim Moore stayed out.

Inside the MSF, Bwana called out the traditional first indoor workout: NX3X300. It's a tough, low recovery workout: there's only a little over 100m rest between each 300 in a set. Most of the Crew did N=3, and some of them felt turned inside out afterward. Bwana doesn't know what the outdoor group did, but given who was there, it probably was no picnic.

Bwana has the inside scoop on a few of the Crew who were neither out nor in today. Marv Hall was foraging around in a silo trying to see if alcohol really does form at the bottom of several tons of grain when it gets damp. Tom Hilands was out in the woods listening to chickadees and squirrels. Greg Luna was still out of sorts after eating six leftover pizzas from his Beer 5K. And Esther Prins was still breathing in and out slowly, which is what got her through the birth of her brand new baby daughter Lily Paloma.