The near drought conditions we've experienced the second half of this year abated a bit this morning. We had a good soaking rain, which let up just in time for Jim Myers, John Domico, Lance Bland, Ken Davis, Tom Cali, Jim Moore, John Sheakoski, Tim Spigelmyer, Sherry Tirko, Andy Arndt, John Wilcock, Mark Lee, Ed Thompson, Dana Todd, and Marty Mazur to head to the track.

It didn't let up in time for the drenched track to dry out. Bwana had the crew do a downward ladder: 1K-800-600-400-200. Everybody's running style is different. Some kick water back at the runner behind them. Runners with a long follow-through kick end up soaking their own backs, shoulders, and heads. And people with little smacky steps get the runners on either side. But everybody gets wet!

Track would only have dampened the high spirits of some of the track-irregulars. Greg Luna was drying out after doing his duties this past weekend mopping up spills after the Beer 5K. George Lesieutre was telling one of his students that he was all wet. Costas Maranas, Marv Hall, Judd Michael, and Greg Dillon were having a liquid lunch of their own at some downtown taproom. and Tara Murray and Marty Klanchar were getting in a pre-Richmond Marathon soak, sitting in a hot tub and taking "muscle relaxers". You know, the kind with the little paper umbrellas.