April 11, 2019

It was partly cloudy, cool, and breezy as John Domico, Costas Maranas, Andy Maguire, Mike Zimmerman, Josh Litofsky, Mike Martin, Tara Murray, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, Elsa Hansen, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields. Bwana hasn’t done speed work in *months*! And it showed in his performance at the Egg Hill race last weekend. A Personal Worst! And though he’s a lot faster than Bwana, Costas also complained about setting a “PW” at Egg Hill, though his crappy time was about a half-hour faster than Bwana’s. Believe it or not, some speedwork is needed even for a 10 mile (or longer) race! Bwana hasn’t missed such a long stretch of speedwork since the now-denied-to-us MSF was built 20 years ago. So it felt good to get back to the IM FIelds for a quicker tempoed run.

As this was the first “official” track workout of the season, Bwana went with a light version of an old stand-by: 6XL. The “L” on the large rectangle of the IM Fields is a long and a short side, about 330 meters. Run each L hard, at a little slower than mile race pace (or a little faster than 5K race pace). The rest between each L is the next side and alternates between a long (270 m) and short (60 m) rest. A good way to get whipsawed into shape!

A few of the Crew didn’t do the workout, but showed up to be wished well on their trip to the Boston Marathon on Monday. And wish them well we do! Whatever happens, the weather will be better than last year! The rest of us? We’ll be back at it next week! We need the work!