December 6, 2018

Bwana late yesterday announced that he’d be at the IM Field for a workout. When he got there, there was a stiff and steady westerly breeze. Wondering whether anyone would show, Bwana “warmed up” (an expression very inappropriate for the conditions) for a couple of miles. Just as he was about to call off his participation in a solo workout, Tom Cali, John Domico, CJ Wagner, Mike Weyandt, Andy Maguire, Mike Martin, Harriet Smith, and David Lloyd showed up. But there plans were to avoid the stiff breezes and head down to the hollow. So Bwana followed (for once) as the group ran down 4 Hills into the shelter of Big Hollow. Bwana last saw the fast crew heading back out of the low country up Rocky Top Rd, their plan being to circle back to town by way of the Sunset Park bike path, and then on to a public establishment for some warming refreshment.

Bwana will try to get one more real outdoor workout in next week. Then we’ll do the Jingle Bell Track Workout in two weeks.