September 14, 2017

The sky was drab and misting, the remains of Hurricane Irma falling on Joel Niemann, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur as they headed for the indoor track at the MSF. The weather wasn’t so bad that we actually needed to run indoors, but we’re still not allowed on the outdoor track. The Rec Hall Crew did a non-track workout, but the way the weather has been retreating from summer, they’ll be glad to be running indoor track workouts soon enough.

Adam Ilgen had warmed up the track with his continuing repeat 800s. As he left, the sad remnants of the Track Crew did a set of 6X400. Run the nearly-two laps in Lane 5 at a mile race pace, and take a 200+ meter slow jog rest of 1 lap plus the stagger to the 400 meter start. Bwana ran consistently, though a long weekend of wedding partying in Nashville left him pooped by rep 4. David Lloyd was not so consistent. He started slow, but got better each rep, finishing with two back-to-back PRs. Now, PRs, are not the objective of a track workout, but to run continually faster and be able to hammer the last two is a sign of improving workouts. David has turned a new corner on his running ability, going from consistent with tiny improvements to a marked jump in ability. Bwana thinks David will easily be able to go under 6:30 in this winter’s Indoor Mile Series. In fact, he should consider this his challenge from Bwana.

Update on the track situation: We do hope to be able to use the outdoor track. The University, however, has instituted a pay-to-play policy for most of it’s Rec Department and Athletics Department facilities. The outdoor track falls in the latter category. Why not pay-to-play on the indoor track? Who knows? My guess is it’s because the outdoor track is pristinely new, and harder to monitor. (The MSF does have a relatively new sign-in policy.) The NVRC is going back and forth on the “pay” part to see if we can make the “play” part happen. More as things unfold.