August 31, 2017

It was, unfortunately, a pretty nice day. Unfortunately because the Thursday Track Crew is bereft of an outdoor track, at least for now. Jim Myers, Lance Bland, Judd Michael, Mike Casper, Joel Niemann, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur went to the MSF indoor track, where it was a bit clammy. Jaimie Wright did a warm-up with the indoor crowd, but as soon as Tom Cali and the Rec Hall group poked their heads to say that they were going to run outside in the nice, cool, late summer weather, Jaimie was out the door!

Adam had already done an impressive workout of 6X800 and laid it out as a challenge to the rest of us. Adam’s goal is to work up to 10X800, which is a great topper before a marathon or a half-marathon. Most of the marathoners in the crown aren’t close to needing that topper yet, and the Nittany Half is still 3 months away. So we needn’t go that far. Yet. Bwana did end up modeling his workout after Adam’s. Let’s say it was Adam Lite: 4 X 3 laps in the outer lanes. There, the distance of a 3 lapper is around 700 meters. The kicker is to start it in Lane 5 (680 meters for 3 laps). Do two reps there with a consistent lap time. Then for the last two reps, move it out to lane 6, where the distance is 20 meters longer over 3 laps. Keep the same lap time.

We’re all familiar with this kind of workout from the long winter when we’re grateful for the indoor track. Bwana and the NVRC are working on getting us “into” the outdoor track before the winter days cover it with snow. We’ll keep you informed!