August 17, 2017

Summer’s making another stab at it. It was hot and humid as Jim Myers, Tom Cali, CJ Wagner, Bob Shafer, Mike Weyandt, Rob Peterson, Mike Zimmerman, Dan Coughlin, Seth Senior, Ryan Burke, newcomers Erin and Andrew (I’ll get their last names next time!), Kelly Lehtonen, Joel Niemann, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur made it to the State High for the penultimate workout at that track this summer.

Bwana had the initial idea of having the Crew run a bunch of 200s, the usual wuss-out when the temperature peeks up. But this bunch has been working out in the heat for a few months now, so it was time for Bwana to turn up the heat. Today would be the Fortitude Workout: N X 400-200. Run a 400 at 5K+ race pace, then after a very short 100 meter rest, run a hard, kick pace 200. Rest for 400 meters, then repeat N times. The “fast group” decided to cheat the rest between. That usually cheats the quality of the next set, but these guys (and gals) were not noticeably slowed. All the same, don’t cheat on this workout! If you feel like you can cheat the rest, you’re sandbagging the reps! Today, Bwana suggested N=4. If you want shorter rests, then do the reps a bit slower, but increase the volume!

Bwana’s got an email in to the PSU track people and hopes to hear back in time for two weeks from now when we’ll hopefully be able to use the outdoor track there. No promises yet, but stay tuned!