July 27, 2017

The heat and humidity were down a bit from last week, so what would have seemed like a swamp a month ago was only mildly unpleasant. Jim Myers, Tom Cali, John Domico, Chuck Phillips, Joel Niemann, John Sheakoski, Lilith Aninori, Rob Peterson, Bob Shafer, Mike Zimmerman, Doug Schunk, Logan Madill, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the track under hazy skies.

Track sucks. That’s the first thing John Sheakoski said to Bwana when we arrived back at our workplaces. And Bwana agreed! But John has been coming semi-regularly for over 10 years and Bwana has run this circus for about 25. People really stick with it for some reason. One guy who has been sticking with it for even longer is Paul Bolin. Paul was a Thursday Track regular in the 1990s, as well as a regular at the old Penn State summer all-comer meets. Paul, who moved to Texas around the year 2000, does a regular thing every year, similar to what Bwana does, but twice as intense: He runs his age in laps on a track. (Bwana does his age in furlongs, about half a lap, out on a road or trail). Paul turned 63 this week, but could not do his 15.75 miles due to a serious health problem. So Chuck Phillips, who keeps in touch with Paul, put Bwana on to something Paul’s daughter Maddie organized: Run some laps for Paul. We weren’t up to doing 63 each, or even 6300 meters, but among the Crew we totaled up to at least that many laps. Bwana gave a workout of 6 x 400 at 5K race pace. (Adam rolled his own workout and did 5 X 800.)

Bwana had Lillith snap a pic for Paul Bolin. I think maybe 5 of us hail from as far back as Paul’s tenure (Myers, Cali, Phillips, maybe Domico, and Bwana). The rest are “new” faces, still getting used to how much track sucks!

thursday track 2017

Thursday Trackers att the State High track