April 20, 2017

It was another amazing if slightly warm Thursday as runners from various locations tried to find an oval to run a workout on. The MSF was busy with a kids’ event, so it was not clear what to do. Bwana, as previously announced, could not be there to lead his flock this week, so aimful wandering began. Mike Casper, Judd Michael and Joel Niemann found an alternative location to meander in a circular fashion. Mike and Joel did 4x400 and Judd did 3x1600. David Lloyd was glimpsed doing valiant hill repeats on Porter Road. And others, including Costas Maranas, Elsa Hansen, Tom Cali, Meira Menard, Mike Weyandt, Mike Martin, and John Domico, well they surely were doing some sort of speedy repeats, somewhere.

Bwana will be back in charge next week, and hopefully we'll have the MSF, or some nearby suitable location, at our disposal.