August 25, 2016

Our mini-respite from heat and humidity took a respite today. It was “kinda hot and pretty darn humid” as John Domico, Randy Jepson, Mike Casper, CJ Wagner, Mike Renz, Dean Capone, Mike Martin, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the State High track. The whole Summer-Fall thing is kind of in limbo. The kids are headed back to school, but the trees are still green. The weather is getting cooler, but not all at once.

Bwana’s not so undecided. We should be used to the hot weather enough by now to do longer reps, even if we get a hot sticky day. Today’s workout was NX600 at 5K race pace with a really slow 200 meter rest between reps. Those most used to the heat could do N=5. Everyone else did N=4. Except Bwana, who did N=3, and then threw in a bunch of 200s to make up.

And while we’re in limbo as the weather tries to decide if it’s still Summer, the Track Crew is about to step into Track Limbo. Today was the last workout at the High School track, at least until next Summer. But the PSU outdoor track is still at least a couple of weeks away from being done. So next week, those who want a track workout can come to the PSU Indoor Track at the Multi-Sport Facility. Bwana will be there, no matter how nice and sunny it is outside. See you there!