July 28, 2016

Summer vacations must be winding up. More of the regulars are showing up at the track. Lance Bland, Mike Weyandt, Dean Capone, Mike Martin, CJ Wagner, Michael Goldfine, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur were at there this sultry, cloudy noon hour. Mark Lee also showed up after the workout to do his own thing.

The 100 meter drama continues. This time it was Mike Weyandt saying he can run a 100 *yard* dash (Who does that anymore? Where is the 100 yard start mark on that metric track?) in 14 seconds. OK. That might be doable by a man under 50. We’re going to have to settle this at some point. In the meantime, the workout: With the temps down a bit, Bwana gave a bit more volume, both per rep and total: 4X600 at 1 hard 5K pace with 100 meter rests between reps. The Bwana bonus, awarded on the honor system is to those who tacked on another rep as good as the first 4.

As summer winds down, Bwana will be checking up on the status of the PSU track. We’d sure like to be outdoors when the State High kids take their track back. Enjoy the rest of the summer swelter.