July 7, 2016

Hot, hazy, and humid. Take away the nice breeze and there you’d have it, Arts Fest weather.For those running one of the Arts Fest races just 10 days away, perfect weather (and perfect timing) for a high volume, medium intensity, heat acclimation workout. But while Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, John Domico, Mike Weyandt, Mike Martin, Mike Renz, CJ Wagner, Dean Capone, Joel Niemann, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur all headed for the State High track, the Rec Hall group (everyone on the list up to and including Capone) seemed to only want to dip their toes in the kiddie pool. They’re working their way up slowly to doing workouts again, but at the rate they’re going the pools will close before they do their first real lap.

Bwana, just back from vacation and recovering from one of his brother-in-law’s incomparable martinis (and about 40 too many beers), set the bar low (for himself anyway), but encouraged Adam, David, and Joel to double up if they saw fit. Adam was already doing a slew of 800s. Bwana’s prescription was NX(800-600-400-200) with a generous, heat-recovery rest of 400 m after the 800 and the 600, and a 200 m recovery after the 400. Bwana could only count up to N=1 today, but he’s sure that Joel at least did more.

While we were there, Eric and Megan Marshall, the dual winners of Monday’s 4th Fest 4K getting ready to dual-win some more summer races, including the Harrisburg Mile in two weeks from yesterday, and maybe one of the Arts Fest races the Sunday before that. That’s how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen! At the track!