May 12, 2016

It was sunny and warm today, quite a break from the last few weeks. Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Marty Klanchar, Mike Casper, Costas Maranas, Michael Goldfine, Callie Burke, Joel Niemann, Rich Harter, Adam Ilgen, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. It’s starting to look like we’re being relegated to the indoor track. The outdoor track has been shackled shut for a few weeks. On a nice day like today, a good portion of the Rec Hall crew took a look at the options and went on running in the sun. Bwana took the remainder indoors for a bit more structured workout.

Today’s track adventure came from California, Berkeley to be precise, via FloTrack’s Wednesday Workout feature. Tony Sandoval coaches Cal’s women’s middle distance runners and had them on a “Date Pace” workout. It’s a workout for the meet portion of the training season, where the ladies are put through a race pace workout of 3X300 followed by 400-800-300 at race pace, and then a hard 200 at “kick pace”. The gals run their workouts a good deal faster than us. Their 1500 meter race pace is, after all, close to 4 minutes. Bwana’s take was 3X300, followed (after a short rest) by 4 laps in lane 5 (~900m), 2 laps (~450m), 1 lap (~225m) all at mile race pace with short rests between. This workout has options for higher volume: Do the whole thing twice, or repeat either the 3X300 or the descending ladder.

After the workout, Bwana ran into Sam Thompson, who promises to join our indoor crew as his schedule frees up, and Jo Ohm, who’s always been “outdoorsy”. It’s going to be a long summer indoors. We’ll try to do some workouts at the SCASD High School track after their school year is over. Keep an eye on the track emails.