April 21, 2016

It was a beautiful day, as it has been for a good week or so since the snow stopped flying. Jim Myers, Tom Cali, Judd and Davis Michael, Lance Bland, Randy Jepson, Marty Klanchar, Costas Maranas, CJ Wagner, Dean Capone, Mike Zimmerman, Alex Wouden, Mike Martin, Seth Senior, Dan Coughlin, Rob Peterson, newcomer Jeff DeLotto, Rich Harter, David Lloyd, Joel Niemann, and Marty Mazur headed for the track under mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures.

The NVRC Boston Marathon survivors were at the track to give their report and limp through the workout. They had a great time in Boston, but the weather was not their friend. Cool near the shore (downtown), but that was the end of the race. For the first half, the temperatures were too high for good marathon times. From elites on down through the field, most runners, it seemed, ran positive splits. Tom Cali did do the Happy Valley an honor by placing 4th in his age group. Great run, Tom!

Most of the top US runners were not at the marathon. They were either recovering from the Olympic Trials or saving themselves for the Olympics. Galen Rupp proved he could handle the heat with his victory in LA. But could the Thursday Track Crew handle one of his workouts? Bwana caught a FloTrack archive video of Alberto Salazar putting a younger Rupp through his paces. The workout was NX(600-400-300-200) with short rests. Galen ran N=3 at some ungodly rep paces (600@1:26; 400@ 58; 300@43; 200@26). Bwana told the Crew to do N=2 at their own 5K race pace. So each rep is a 1500 broken up with short rests. A tough set of short, downward ladders. Nobody rupptured anything, so the workout was a success.