It wasn't very turnouty today as John Domico, Tom Cali, Lance Bland, Randy Jepson, Ken Davis, Ruth Mick, Ann Skulas-Ray, John Wilcock, Mark Lee, Joel Niemann, Matt Soccio, Ed Thompson, Marty Klanchar, Tara Murray, and Marty Mazur pedified down to the track. The weather was a bit dripulant and endsummery, which might explain, but not excusify, the folklack. Certainly the threaty weather didn't keep away Dana Todd, and Greg Dillon was not playing wookie-hookie. They both legulized in the early shift.

Bwana thought something pacy might be nice today: NX800, where N would be depend on whether you were going to poundupinize Leg 4 this evening. Most of the crew did at least N=3. Some regurged it through 4 or 5.

Bwana spent some time trying to brainstir some words for those who offblew the workout today. Ron Cunfer was circumgeeking his codestream. Michaeld Goldfine was troutslapping around the house on his last Thursday away from the High School. Lee Culver was disneeding a two-a-day. Costas Maranas and George Lesieutre were shrimplunging and fadetalking at a faculty lunch. And Tom Hilands would not be debuttified from his desk!