It was sunny and flat at the track today as John Domico, Tom Cali, Bob Jones, Andrew Webb, Judd Michael, Dave Eggler, Nick Downs, Mark Fedkin, Beth Herndon, Ruth Mick, Mark Lee, John Wilcock, Tim Aydin, Sam Thompson, Matt Soccio, Michael Goldfine, Rob Shaver, Jamie Volkert, Dana Todd, Scott Klettke, Dave DeGroote, and Marty Mazur tried to figure out what kind of workout Tara Murray would hand out. Bwana had given Tara the reins for the Thursday Workout and the Mountain Woman was scanning the horizon for some kind of hill.

After Bwana stipulated that the workout had to remain in the confines of the track area, (Whew! No hill repeats up to the BJC!) the Crew was still worried that Tara would have us pile up dirt on the infield or do step repeats on the "grandstand". Imagine the relief when Tara called out a downward ladder (1k-800-600-400-200). (Imagine that there *could* be relief at the prospect of such a workout!)

Tonight's mOUnTaNBACK Discovery Run, Legs 2 and 3, is 7.8 miles of relentless downhill. And several of Bwana's fold are already on the downward ladder. George Lesieutre's running is heading to the basement because that's where the beer is kept. Bob Cornwall has been on a slippery slope for some time. John Pringle scraped his chin sliding home at a baseball game, but his running hasn't been out of the basement in months. Mike Casper's downward slide is more like a death spiral. John Sheakoski's workouts have gone downhill since he's been kicked upstairs. And Ron Cunfer is hoping for some downhill Legs at this year's mOUnTaiNBACK since that's how his running career has been heading!

Keep Running!