Wahoo Tuesday Beginner's - 2 X 800's at PSU Track

It was great for once not to have the humidity for our track workout!  In attendance we had Kellie, Kathie, David L., Mikey, Pierce and Denise.  Everyone did a super awesome job on their 800's with well under 10 min. mi./paces. Mikey and Pierce saw the hurdles and both decided to go for it.  Happy to say both made it over without any injury :)  We have a great group of runners this year and they ALL are doing a SUPER job along with tons of fun!


Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Twice A Mile

August 9, 2011

We are back to our Tuesday night Beginners running group. Last night, we ran 2x1mile starting every 12 mins. We had six healthy runners and one injured runner with us last night. Out of the six, two ran with us for the first time: Amy Mensch and David Agler, Pam Scott, David Lloyd, Liz Troisi, Jerry Steffy ran the mile quicker then we all thought we could. David Agler ran with us after coming off an injury with 5:23 & 5:12, Liz Troisi ran 8:27 & 7:54, David Lloyd ran 7:42 & 7:40, Amy Mensch ran 8:24 & 8:27, and I bought up the rear with 8:12 & 11;54. Pam scott ran well and Michelle Christensen watched and hopes that she will be able to run next week with us. We will be at Boalsburg Military Museum for a 1/2 mile workout. See you next week! Jerry 


Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Four Easy Miles

July 19, 2011

We had 6 runners meet at the track last night, but we ran the bike path for an easy 4 miler. Jerry Steffy , Pam Scott, Dave Lloyd, Liz Troisi, Michelle Christiansen, and Fernand Seuchie, Next week we are meeting at the North Building Parking Lot of the high School, so meet there and not at the track!


Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Walnut Springs Run

July 26, 2011

This year we are in a small group mode. We had 6 runners for our group Tuesday night at the High School North parking lot. We ran 3.7 miles to Walnut Springs Park, around the park, and back. Fernand Seuchie, Pam Scott, Jerry Steffy, Michelle Christensen, David DeGroote, David Lloyd all ran well. Next week is the club Picnic at Spring Creek Park so we are not running. But please come and meet club members you have not seen or knew were in the club. Have a great week! Jerry

Wahoo Beginners Running Group:A Hot Line-up

July 12, 2011

We were hot little Indians last night. We had two new runners Jennifer Dahlke and Craig Wathing. They and seven other Indians ran for 30 mins. Jerry Steffy, Denise Weaver, Liz Troisi, Jim Thor, Fernand Seuchie, Dave Lloyd,  and David DeGroote ran along the bike path from Spring Creek Park along the Highway going to Boalsburg. We all ran well and finished with all the Indians back at the Park. Next week we are at the high school track, but there will be no "Summer Track Meets" this year. Have a great week see you next week. Jerry