18 of us ran 6 1/4's in Tudek park.  Every 4 minutes we started another 1/4.   Denise weaver, Janice Dawber, Liz Campo, Lori Miles, Sharon Lester-fry, Sarah Reinhard, Kathenine Stamps-Mitchell, Elizabeth Stamps, Jana Emmer, Michelle Christensen, Paul Ruby, Jessica Savrock, Beth Pfahl, Dave DeGroote, Marta Hatzell, Mike Weismiller, Tawnya Meraglia and Jerry Steffy all ran well. We did not keep times for each 1/4.  Ho! Don't get in front of Lori because she yells at you for cutting her off!  Next week we are at the high school for 2 person relay 1/4's on the track. See you then.  Jerry.