We did not get any rain last night so the 5k run was enjoyable for most. We had 17 runners run the distance. Lorna Arocena ran 24:26, with Paul Ruby right behind her 24:46, Sarah Reinhard ran 25:00, Mike Weismiller was 25:42 with Jerry Steffy 25:54, Michelle Christensen 26:46, Eric Fillerup 27:14, Jessica Savrock work hard to run 27:18, Pam Scott coming back from a bad spring run 27:24, with Dave DeGroote running 27:25, Sarah Bender one of our new runners ran 28:20, Catherine Meyers did 28:12, Denise Weaver ran 29:14, with Mary Conner-righter at 29:15, Janice Dauber who did not think she could run well did 30:40, with Lori Miles & Tawnya Meraglia running 31:24's to finish the workout.  We are at "Tudek Park next week for some 1/4's.  Hope to see you there and that it does not rain. Jerry