Jerry Steffy was feeling under the weather and could not make it for the group workout, so Denise Weaver took the challenge of leading the group's workout.  We had a super turnout tonight with 20 runners! It was a hot evening for running, but at least it didn't rain. The workout was a 2 person relay doing 4 x 1/4's at the State College high school track. Denise Weaver took the times and the results are as follows: Dave DeGroote & Jessica Savrock (12:31), Mike Weismiller & Sarah Bender (13:00), Sarah Reinhard & Marta Hatzell (13:10),Paul Rudy & Eric Fillerup (13:45), Kate Ryan & Michelle Christenson (14:20), Jana Emmer & Cathenne Meyers (14:30), Pam Scott & Mary Conner-Righter (14:35), Janice Dauber & Lorna Arocena (15:03), Lori Miles & Mandi Stamm (15:16) and late starter Aaron Roggla ran 2 miles around the track. For it being so warm everyone did a awesome job! Next week we will be meeting at Homestead Park for a 3 person .2 relay.  See you all there. Smile