We are still having fun on Tuesday night at 6:00. Last night we ran 30 minutes of Indians out at Spring Creek park.  The group was made up of 17 runners (mostly women) and we ran out the bike path to Branch road and turned around and ran back.  Some of the Indians dropped off on the way out but we picked them up on the way back. Pam Scott brought some goodies so we all got our calories back after the run. Jerry Steffy lead the group with Denise Weaver, Liz Bosak, Jessica Charles, Kim Daniels, Vicki Summers, Jessica Savrock, A new comer Kate Ryan, Cornnia Lyncha, Steve Lyncha, Miruna Sasuclark, Kathernie Stamps( or Michell), Jamine Fleddrjohann, Claudia Nau, Lu Sun, David DeGroote.

Next week Hill work at Slab Cabin.

- Jerry