"Inner Loop" Loop
Mostly mild grades with a couple of challenges.

Longest climb: About 140 ft.
Longest descent: About 155 ft.
Average Grade: 2%. Notable hills: 

Golf Course Drop
A drop of about 60 feet on the dirt road on the PSU White Golf Course..A section of this is pretty steep.
Blue Course Rd
Most of Blue Course Rd is a descent. Total drop is about 155 ft from the crest about 1/2 mile after turning on to Blue Course to the low area near Radio Park School. An average grade of about 3%.
Park St. Ascent: 
A change of 83 ft in half a mile gives a long 3.1% grade. It's pretty steep in spots.

Depart from Rec Hall and head down Burrowes Ave one block to the IST Building. Go right and take the pedestrian thoroughfare across North Atherton St. At the end of the bridge, zig right to White Course Rd, then zag left on White Course. Take White Course until it bears to the left. At this point, a dirt road continues to go straight. Follow this dirt road as it heads down a hill with the White Golf Course on the right and student housing on the left. At the bottom of the hill, bear left and head toward the old railroad bridge that crosses Corl Rd. At the bridge, bear right and follow the bike path as it crosses the Clubhouse Rd and heads to Blue Course Rd. At the bike path along Blue Course Rd, go right. Follow this path over the crest of the hill and down a long grade as Blue Course Rd bends around the back of the Blue Golf Course and the Teaberry Ridge development. After about a mile-and-a-half, the path crosses Teaberry Ridge Rd (This is a busy intersection. Watch for cars!) Continue on the path as it bends to the right near Radio Park Elementary School, to the left through a patch of woods, then up a short hill and to the right to follow an old railroad grade at the bottom of the University Heights neighborhood. The bike path continues to an intersection of paths. Go left at the "T" and head up the steep hill to Park Avenue. At Park, continue on the path up the remainder of the hill and follow it all the way to North Atherton. Make a right and follow the path as it crosses White Course Rd, bends around a parking lot, and heads back to the IST Building. Take the pedestrian thoroughfare back over Atherton to Burrowes, go left and back up the hill to Rec Hall.

The "Inner Loop" portion of Blue Course Rd was completed in 2003 after decades of planning and politics, and a couple of years of construction. Also known as the Ferguson 500, at mid-decade it is thought to be a giant boondoggle, connecting places that didn't need to be connected by a divided highway. The relative lack of traffic and its proximity to the Penn State campus and golf courses makes it a pleasant run. As development on the west end of town continues, we'll see if traffic picks up and running becomes less pleasant. The "Inner Loop" loop intersects parts of Penn State golf course running routes and the Circleville Farm Bikepath routes.


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        Added: 5/06
        Updated: 5/06