2007 Tussey Teaser #1 - 4th annual Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K
March 10, 2007
by Mike Casper

The weather was cool and sunny as a record 28 runners took off from Tussey Ski Area to climb the long grade of Laurel Run Road to its crest at the Mid-State Trail crossing, then wind their way back down. Once the group reached the tree-shaded serpentine meanderings of Bear Meadows Road, snow and ice appeared, providing a gorgeous winter landscape and adding the task of choosing one's path along the way. This was more snow than before for this run, but didn't deter any of today's runners. No one was out for a PR. Andrew Webb, Tim Spigelmyer and Judd Michael blazed the trail for the men. Road conditions notwithstanding, Webb's time was just 34 seconds short of the run's record, and Spigelmyer shaved 46 seconds from his 2006 time. John Lacombe trimmed 28 seconds off his 2006 effort, and Bob Boozer, the only runner to have completed all four Switchbackers, was within 30 seconds of his 2006 time. Pam Scott and Sue Mazza led the women's field. Lady runners Catherine Meyers and Katherine Stamps, who were just expanding their spring training, opted for a shortened version and got just the workout they wanted. Kiet Bang, who took off and descended from the summit with the group, branched off to pursue an extended run. Everyone reveled in the day's mild conditions and the camaraderie of the out-and-back climb and descent.

Place  Name               Time
 1.    Andrew Webb        42:30
 2.    Tim Spigelmyer     43:29
 3.    Judd Michael       43:44
 4.    Costas Maranas     44:14
 5.    Greg Mitchell      46:44
 6.    Jim Myers          47:36
 7.    Mark Fedkin        47:53
 8.    Robert Boozer      48:24
 9.    John Lacombe       48:38
10.    Stephen Geyer      49:08
11.    Michael Connelly   49:33
12.    Joe Dauer          49:54
13.    Marvin Hall        50:43
14.    Dan Guss           51:33
15.    Joe Shuta          54:08
16.    Pam Scott*         54:13
17.    Sue Mazza*         55:55
18.    Marc Maxson        58:14
19.    Jim Taylor         59:15
20.    Jessica Charles*   59:46
21.    Jen Finkle*      1:00:08
22.    Kim Daniels*     1:04:35
23.    Michael Philippe 1:04:35
24.    Heather Katche*  1:08:11
25.    Tim Jackson      1:08:12

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