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[Photos by Mike Casper and Marty Mazur]

There was a good turnout for the last All-Comers track meet of the summer. As was the case in the first week, no one wanted to run the short stuff, so we started with the Mile, then followed with a 100m-200m exhibition by Evan Casper, age 3. Then the 800 and finially the 3200 were run. Eight people were brow beaten into running 4x400 relay. Some Ideas for next year are that we run the mile and a 5k and some relays, so we will see.

Women's Results:

True Mile    Ann Skulas-Ray      5:38.7  First Place
             Tara Murray         6:01.7  Second Place
             Sarah Reinhard      7:01.0  Third Place
             Lorna Arocena       7:02.0  Fourth Place
800 meters   Ann Skulas-Ray      2:37.4  First Place
             Kate Miffitt        2:52.1  Second Place             
3200 meters  Tara Murray        13:36.6  First Place

Men's Results:

100 meter    Evan Casper (age 3)   44.7  First Place
200 meter    Evan Casper (age 3) 1:52.1  First Place
True Mile    Pat Singletary      4:53.4  First Place
             Dave Moore          4:53.7  Second Place
             Costas Maranas      5:18.9  Third Place
             Greg Luna           5:42.4  Fourth Place
             Jim Moore           5:49.4  Fifth Place
             Rob Shaver          6:00.7  Sixth Place
             Marty Mazur         6:55.4  Seventh Place
800 meters   Dave Moore          2:19.3  First Place
             Costas Maranas      2:31.4  Second Place
             Greg Luna           2:39.0  Third Place
             Mike Casper         2:59.5  Fourth Place
3200 meters  Dave Moore         10:10.0  First Place
             Greg Luna          12:46.3  Second Place
             Jim Moore          12:49.7  Third Place
             Rob Shaver         13:30.5  Fourth Place
             Marty Mazur        14:54.0  Fifth Place

Mixed 4x400 relay teams

Mike Casper, Kate Miffitt, Dave Moore, and Ann Skulas-Ray ran a blazing time of   4:46.9
Tara Murray, Rob Shaver, Pat Singletary, and Rich Harter ran hard with time of    4:54.9