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[Photos by Marty Mazur]

Women's Results:

100 meters   Michelle Swoope       13.5  First place

200 meters   Michelle Swoope       30.4  First place

400 meters   Lorna Arocena         85.1  First place

1600 meters  Tara Murray         6:01.1  First place

3200 meters  Tara Murray        13:56.2  First place

Men's Results:

400 meters   Shawn Kelly           59.1  First place
1600 meters  Andy Cunningham     4:45.7  First place     
             Costas Maranas      5:20.7  Second place
             Shawn Kelly         5:24.0  Third place
             Greg Luna           5:26.4  Fourth place
3200 meters  Dave Moore          9:49.6  First place
             Andy Cunningham    10:56.2  Second place
             Dave Mengle        11:12.4  Third place

With the help of some kids and coaches from the Nittany Track and Field Youth Club, there were three teams for the 4x100 relay.

First place team: 
Michelle Swoope, Shawn Kelly, Dave Moore, and Mark Fedkin         54.2
Second place:      
Kate Metih, Nikata Fedkin, Alex Curtze, and Brian Rutter          56.3
Third place:       
Lorna Arocena, Andy Cunningham, Jason Jackson, and Dave Mengle    61.8