April 11, 2021
Rothrock State Forest

A gentle rain fell under mild temps and the last traces of snow were left on the ski slopes as runners gathered at Tussey Mountain for this point-to-point run, then the rain paused and the skies brightened a bit for the start.

An eager pack burst out at the start. After some yo-yoing in the later miles, David Kennedy edged out Matt Balogh by 7 seconds to finish first, followed by Mark Puleo, and all three finished under the standing course record laid down 12 years ago by Dave Moore. Baylee Riley won the women’s race, just 18 seconds ahead of Jaimie Wright. Sherri Tirko took third for the women. Kendra Washburn bettered her time from 2019, the last time this race was held.

A big thank you to Amy Puleo for snapping photos at the finish line.

Runners are encouraged to bring gently used running shoes to be collected at each run for a program called Sneakers4Funds that supports entrepreneurs in communities and countries around the world. Runners are also invited to bring monetary donations (checks or cash) to support CommonFood Centre County, the local nonprofit beneficiary of the 2021 Tussey Mountainback 50 Mile Relay and Ultramarathon.

Those who run Tussey Teasers #1 through #5 (February’s Teaser #0 was a bonus) will be eligible for a special prize drawing that will take place after Teaser #5, the June 26 Eager Seeger Half Marathon.

The next Tussey Teaser is May 1, the (free) Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K and 20K, Central PA’s only race with age- and gender-adjusted results. The Sidewinder is an out-and-back race with start at Whipple Dam State Park. Runners choosing the 20K distance will climb and later descend the 1.6-mile hill on Beidleheimer Road.

For details, driving directions and waiver forms for the remaining Teasers, visit http://www.tusseymountainback.com/tussey_teasers.html. Just for the hill of it!

pix teaser2 21 pre race

The group at the start was ready for damp spring conditions

pix teaser2 21 puleofinish

Third place finisher Mark Puleo crosses the line

pix teaser2 21baylee finish

Baylee Robel was smiling as she came in first among females

pix teaser2 21 top2women

Baylee Robey (r) and Jaimie Wright (l) finished 1-2 among women

pix teaser2 21 top3men

David Kennedy (r), Matt Balogh (c), and Mark Puleo (l) were 1-2-3 among the men


Order of Finish

 Place  First       Last            City           Sex  Age  Time
 -----  -----       ----            ----           ---  ---  ----
   1    David       Kennedy         State College   M   27  1:03:55
   2    Matt        Balogh          State College   M   22  1:04:02
   3    Mark        Puleo           State College   M   25  1:06:10
   4    Jason       Sammut          State College   M   24  1:10:47
   5    Ryan        Sullivan        State College   M       1:11:20
   6    Ian         Adams           Emmaus          M   22  1:11:21
   7    Sean        Devlin          State College   M   42  1:13:48
   8    Charlie     Vasey           State College   M   40  1:18:18
   9    Baylee      Robey           State College   F   23  1:18:26
   10   Jaimie      Wright          State College   F   42  1:18:44
   11   Patrick     Singletary      State College   M   55  1:18:47
   12   Franklin    Berkey          Bellefonte      M   48  1:21:07
   13   Elijah      Kamermans       State College   M   35  1:23:30
   14   Ken         Knappenberger   State College   M   45  1:28:50
   15   John        Iceland         State College   M   50  1:28:59
   16   Sherri      Tirko           Warriors Mark   F   47  1:29:06
   17   Michael     Axtell          State College   M   45  1:33:38
   18   Diane       Swauger         Port Matilda    F   45  1:41:42
   19   Jim         Maras           State College   M   59  1:42:04
   20   Natasha     Tirko           State College   F   36  1:53:15
   21   Kendra      Washburn        State College   F   32  2:09:11
   22   Yachi       Nien            State College   F   28  2:11:35
   23   David       Lloyd           State College   M   50  2:11:54
   24   Staci       Black           Alexandria      F   46  2:25:58