June 5, 2016
Rothrock State Forest

mettle – vigor and strength of spirit or temperament; staying quality

Thirty runners showed for the challenging out-and-back route on Treaster Kettle Road on this overcast Sunday morning. There was a light breeze early on, and some light rain here and there, but all was concluded before heavier rains came later in the day.

Patrick Singletary and Loc O led the race to the turnaround at the Bear Meadows monument, after which Loc turned up the volume and tracked it in. Loc’s time was just 1 second shy of tying the course record, set by Patrick in 2014.
Erin Reese, who won the women’s race, recently completed her senior track season at Central Mountain High School and will be attending Susquehanna University this fall. Erin appreciated the course’s soft road surface as well as its hills. “I enjoyed the race a lot. The surface was great to run on and the course challenged me with some of the up hills.”

Congratulations to Steve Pagano, for whom today’s foray was his furthest run in many years. “That was definitely the longest distance that I have ever raced. I haven't run that far since high school. I had a great time and knew that I would have to work hard to get it finished.”

A few runners posted noteworthy improvements over last year. David Lloyd, who last year lopped 7+ minutes off his time from 2014, took his time down another 2½ minutes from last year. Tom Cali knocked more than 5 minutes off his 2015 time.
Thanks to Ron Burket for providing extra water on the course, and to Adam Ilgen for picking up the delicious post-race subs from Subway.

A big thanks to CaliKline – RE/MAX Centre Realty and Subway Restaurants for their support of the 2016 Tussey Teasers Series.

The final Tussey Teaser of the season, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon, will take place June 19. For details, visit http://www.tusseymountainback.com/events/tussey-teasers

Overall Order of Finish

pix teaser4 16 start

Runners sport smiles and looks of determination before the start

pix teaser4 16 loc

Loc O puts a lock on victory on the way back from Bear Meadows

pix teaser4 16 reese

Erin Reese cruises into the Colyer Lake parking lot to claim the women’s race win

pix teaser4 16 smith

Matt Smith pushes to the end to crank out an impressive performance

pix teaser4 16 winners

Loc and Erin pose with their covetable, edible trophies

pix teaser4 16 pagano

Steve Pagano after his longest run since high school


Place  Name                  Age    Sex  Town              Time
—————  ————                  ———    ———  —————             ————
 1     Loc O                  39     M   Williamsburg     1:06:55
 2     Patrick Singletary     50     M   State College    1:08:50
 3     Michael Zimmerman      35     M   State College    1:14:03
 4     Jonathan Rice          21     M   Mt Pleasant, SC  1:15:38
 5     Erin Reese             18     F   Lock Haven       1:19:16
 6     Matt Smith             52     M   State College    1:20:34
 7     Jeff Lynn              48     M   Slippery Rock    1:21:50
 8     Nikita Fedkin          22     M   State College    1:22:00
 9     Tom Cali               61     M   State College    1:22:11
10     Robert Shaver          55     M   Loganton         1:22:43
11     Kate Oyler             37     F   State College    1:23:47
12     Cheyenne Albert        26     F   Morrisdale       1:25:34
13     Reed Willar            18     M   Mill Hall        1:28:55
14     Jeff Smucker           50     M   Centre Hall      1:31:12
15     Dean Capone            52     M   State College    1:31:24
16     Mark Fedkin            46     M   State College    1:31:24
17     Michael Goldfine       60     M   Lemont           1:31:41
18     Ron Burket             56     M   Philipsburg      1:32:06
19     Chad Brown             44     M   Red Lion         1:35:47
20     Steve Baird            38     M   State College    1:35:48
21     Erica Pitcavage        26     F   State College    1:36:37
22     Adam Ilgen             28     M   State College    1:43:39
23     Madeline Nyblade       20     F   State College    1:44:06
24     George Conrad          39     M   Huntingdon       1:45:18
25     Kylee Ammerman         36     F   Bellefonte       1:49:41
26     David Lloyd            46     M   State College    1:51:20
27     Steve Pagano           51     M   Carrolltown      1:52:26
28     Gar Hong               37     M   State College    1:56:10
29     Tracy Clouthier        28     F   State College    1:57:12
30     Patrick Walsh          28     M   Harrisburg       2:02:43