If you have been looking for any training log software, here’s a package I would highly recommend – “SportTracks (2.0)”.  You can download from ZoneFiveSoftware.  It’s probably most useful for trail-runners, nordic skiers or mountain bikers using GPS enabled training devices… but could be used by anyone.

It is very fully featured.  I’ve been using it for about 3 months am still finding new and useful capabilities.  It does appear to be designed primarily for users of HRM’s and GPS enabled training devices.

Some of the more interesting features include:

  • All the standard logbook features such as total mileage, time, splits, average pace and average HR, time in zones, etc.
  • Reports and graphs for most every variable imaginable, crunched however you want over different time frames (week, month, year).
  • Ability to create overlay graphs of multiple activities to show HR, pace, speed, power, cadence, etc.  Useful for comparing your performance on the same course from time to time.
  • Ability to create multiple user defined HR zones, pace zones and speed profiles.  (IE: create one set of HR zones for road running and another that might be tweaked slightly for trail running or snowshoe running or riding).
  • If you are using a GPS enabled device you can see where on the course you were in different HR and pace zones.  You can also see mile markers (or other autolap distance defined in your device) on the course.
  • You can view the course tracklog against different map backgrounds (satellite, street, topo, etc).  A feature useful for trail runners and mountain bikers especially.  You can also export a .gpx file of the activity for use in other mapping programs.  (Great if you have already deleted it from your GPS).
  • You can create equipment profiles for all you shoes.  The program will keep track of mileage, purchase prices, etc.  No more guessing how many miles on a pair of shoes.
  • Direct workout data import from Garmin, Suunto and Polar devices

If you have been using Garmin Training Center or Suunto Training Manager check this program out as it leaves them far behind in terms of capabilities.  Best of all it’s a free DL, although they do take donations (and I have to confess… this is the first program I’ve downloaded on line that I have felt was worth making a contribution to).

SportTracks 2.0 Running Software. Example of composite graph showing distance, HR, pace, and elevation from 2007 Moxie-Thon 10K.