Fartlek FAQ:

  • Who are the Old Fartleks?
    • The Old Fartleks are the cream of the crop of over-the-hill State College runners. The Old Fartleks had their start in the late 1990s. (Actually, some say they had their start in the paleolithic era.) They will enter any race that features team competition. They have won many races over the years, and otherwise have fared well against competition sometimes half their age. Both men and women have run as Old Fartleks.
    • You have to be at least 30 to run a race with the OFs (as they are also known). Unless you are over 40, you run under the "sub-geezer" or "gurneyman" designation, and have to perform thankless tasks like buttering toast for the rest of the team and helping them find their keys. Upon reaching 40, you become a Full-Fledged Fartlek and are entitled to all the perquisites and esteem that name implies.
    • If you want to be an Old Fartlek, show up at Rec Hall around noon on any weekday and meet the Rec Hall Regulars. Come to Thursday Track. If you have a set of legs and an AARP card, chances are they'll ask you to run with them.


Old Fartleks 2004: Mountain Men

Before the start of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 Mile Relay and Ultramarathon - October 2, 2004
The Old Fartleks placed 8th among 90 teams and ultramarathoners, 3rd among 6-person teams, and had the 2nd fastest Master's team. They won their division, Standard Men's Masters.

  • Back - Tom Hilands, John Sheakoski, Ron Cunfer
  • Front - Jim Kisenwether, Jim Myers, Marty Mazur
  • Average age: 47


    Old Fartleks 2003: A New Generation In Training

    After the PSU Triathlon Club "Lactic Acid 5K" - November 8, 2003

    • Back - Phil Kolb, Jim Moore, Dave Jenkins, Andy Mazur (at 17, an unofficial OF in training), Marty Mazur
    • Front - Mike Casper, Jim Kisenwether, Mike Dooris, George Lesieutre


    Old Fartleks 2000

    After the PSU Triathlon Club "Lactic Acid 5K" - November 5, 2000

    • Back - Jim Moore, Mike Dooris, Bill Bahnfleth, Ron Cunfer
    • Front - Marty Mazur, Ken Davis, Jim Kisenwether, Rob Guissanie

    Charter Members of the "Old Fartleks"

    After winning the State College High School Booster Club Cross-Country Race. October 18, 1997.



    • Back: Nick Harris, Paul Bolin, Mike Dooris, Marty Mazur, Steve McGregor, Dave Eggler, Gerry Glyde
    • Front: Jim Myers, Tom Cali, Keith Ord, Jim Kisenwether

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